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There are three Accord trims with leather seats in the new 2022 model. In some Honda models, leather is standard and in others, it’s an option that usually comes along in a package. For these Accord sedans, leather goodness comes standard on all three. 

For used Accord sedans, leather seat availability may vary by trim level depending on generation. Which new Accord trim levels come with leather seats? 

The Honda Accord Sport Special Edition has standard leather

The Sport Special Edition trim is one of the most ferocious Accord models that have leather seats. The Accord Sport Special comes standard with leather-trimmed seats, with heating elements in the front seats only and a 12-way power driver’s seat. Personalized comfort, meet fancy-pants luxury.

The Honda Accord EX-L has a great memory for comfort

Are leather seats worth the upgrade? Some drivers can take them or leave them, but others don’t want to drive without them. The Accord EX-L sedan also comes standard with leather seats (heated up front) and adds memory settings for up to two drivers. That means when you lend your Accord to a friend, it’s easy to get your custom settings back to base as soon as you get it back. 

The Honda Accord Touring has fancy leather seats

So fancy, you already know. The 2022 Accord Touring is the highest and most expensive trim level, so it should have the nicest interior. And it does. The Touring model comes standard with leather-trimmed seats that are heated (both front seats and the outer rear passenger seats) and ventilated (front seats only). A power driver’s seat with two-position memory comes standard on this trim level, as well.

Black interior of a Honda Accord Touring with black leather seats that are heated and ventilated. The passenger-side door is open and you can see a white woman in a red dress walking toward the car
2022 Honda Accord Touring with black leather seats | Honda

Does the Accord have real leather seats?

Unless an automaker specifies a brand or style of faux leather (like the SynTex upholstery in the Kia K5 GT-Line), you can generally assume that if they say “leather”, they mean it. However, keep an eye out for terms like “leather-trimmed” and “leather-appointed.” While Honda uses real leather on the seats in these Accord trims, don’t count on the entire seat being wrapped in true, premium-grade leather. 

Typically, automakers will sew patches of leather on the places where your body will be touching: the actual seat, the seatback, the headrest, and possibly some of the siding. But, they’ll trim the rest of the seat in vinyl or cloth, to save money. If Honda generously upholstered all five seats in full-grain leather, the Accord Sport Special, EX-L, and Touring models would be a lot more expensive.

Side interior view of the Honda Accord Touring with leather seats in ivory
Honda Accord Touring with Ivory leather seats | Honda

Is it worth it to buy seat covers for the Honda Accord?

Depending on your situation, it may be worth it to shell out for a set of seat covers. If you already own a model with cloth upholstery, you can find basic or custom leather seat covers for the Accord. 

If you have a leather-upholstered model, seat covers could be an option for you, too. You can buy covers to protect your leather seats from careless co-pilots, pets, or messy children. Though, covering that gorgeous leather negates the point of having them, so we recommend that you shield them sparingly. 

The market is slowing shifting away from leather upholstery in new car interiors, so if you’ve got your heart set on real cowhide in your vehicle, better do it soon.

Check out trim levels and specs for the Honda Accord online to see more standard interior features, seating options, and more.

Stock image of a silver 2022 Honda Accord Sport sedan
2022 Honda Accord Sport | Honda

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