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One of the fundamental things all serious bikers look for in an electric motorcycle is range. There are a lot of electric motorcycle options out there, but if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What electric motorcycle has the longest range?” you’ll want to take a look at the Brutus V9. To show you why it’s considered one of the best electric bikes out there, we’ve made a list of some of the top electric bikes and compared some of the specs.

The Brutus V9

Without a doubt, the Brutus V9 is the electric motorcycle for 2019 with the longest range of all the bikes listed by Improb and Business Insider. Improb reports that the bike has a maximum speed of 114 miles per hour, and a range of up to 270 miles.

Not only that — it’s got full size and full power, with 125 hp and 227 ft-lb. of torque, weighing 784 pounds. Made for touring, it comes equipped with footpegs, two-up seating, and other options that add to your comfort while you ride. The Brutus V9 is built for endurance, speed, and power. It’s even available as a Law-Enforcement option for law enforcement agencies. 

The Zero SR 

Improb also lists the Zero SR as one of the eight best electric motorcycles of 2019. While weighing in at just 414 pounds, however, the Zero SR can achieve a speed of up to 102 mph. It also does relatively well for range, as the battery for its base model lasts up to 140 miles.

There is an option for a larger power tank, Improb adds, that can double the range at 240 miles when you’re riding in the city. As impressive as that is, however, it still doesn’t stand up to the range of the Brutus V9.

The Energica Ego

Another top electric bike which Improb lists for 2019, the Energica Eco has power outputs of up to 136 hp, and can go as fast as 149 mph. Unfortunately, it only has a maximum range of 96 miles according to Improb. It also comes with an LED display.

Empulse TT

Improb includes the victory Empulse TT on its list, with a range of 100 miles and a maximum speed of 110 mph. At 470 pounds, Improb notes that the bike has enough weight to be driven in the countryside.

It comes with a Brammo Lithium-ion battery that takes four hours to charge. The Empulse TT also makes Business Insider’s list. Yet its power output only goes up to 54 hp, Business Insider notes, and it has a 61 ft-lb of torque. 

Redshift SM

Business Insider reports that the Redshift SM can reach up to 80 mph, and has an output of 40 hp as well as 120 ft-lb. of torque. However, this bike only has a range of 50 miles and takes up to six hours to charge.

Johammer J1

Improb calls the Austrian Johammer J1 a well balanced, low-weight bike, reporting that its battery allows for a range of up to 124 miles per charge. One of the drawbacks, though, is that it can only reach a speed of 75 mph.

Improb and Business Insider list a number of best electric bikes for 2019, with some overlaps. It’s noteworthy, however, to see how the Brutus V9 stands out by far with the longest range, over double the range of the other bikes in a single charge.

Furthermore, it brings a lot of power, making it a great bike you can take on a long-distance ride on just one charge. And because of its weight, it provides safety on the road for both city and country riding, compared to some of the lighter options that made the lists. Last but not least, the Brutus V9 also has a great platinum and black look that will leave you feeling like you’re touring in style.