Which All-New Jeep is Coming September 3rd?

Finally, a date! All indications are that Jeep will be introducing an all-new Jeep on September 3rd. Is it the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer or the Jeep Wagoneer that will be introduced? Jeep’s Instagram social media account has been laying the groundwork for the return of the two iconic nameplates to the Jeep stables. Below we will analyze each of the posts that point to their imminent return.

The beginning of the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer unveiling

Jeep logo seen at the dealer.
A Jeep logo seen at the dealer. | Sergei Mikhailichenko/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Back on August 10th, Jeep posted a cryptic photo of the Grand Canyon on their Instagram account. It was captioned with a definition of the word, Grand – magnificent and striking in appearance, size, or style. That was followed by, “Coming Soon.” That post is below. 

People who follow the auto industry have known for years that the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer have been considered for a comeback. Some even claim to have seen testing mules of the vehicles floating around. That first Instagram post seemed to finally confirm the Grand’s return from Jeep themselves. But, the posts did not stop there. Below is the next post Jeep made that raised eyebrows. It was made on August 12th, just two days later.

To be fair, that post was just about an old, but loved, Wagoneer. Keep in mind that was made after the initial Grand Canyon post. So, the headscratcher begins. Which model will be revealed soon, the Wagoneer, or the Grand Wagoneer? That leads us to the next post from August 14th?

So, a Wagoneer of some sort is definitely coming soon. Will it be a Wagoneer, or the Grand Wagoneer? At this point, the first Grand post might be the heavyweight piece in answer to that question. But, Jeep’s posts do not end there. Here’s a look at the August 16th Wagoneer related post.

This pretty much solidified it. The voiceover is pretty clear, “The only thing more grand than yesterday’s adventures, are tomorrow’s.” A soon-coming reveal will be coming for the Grand Wagoneer. But when? Well, Jeep does not leave people wondering. 

Friday morning’s Instagram post

On Friday, a new post from Jeep showed what is presumably part of the all-new Jeep Grand Wagoneer grille, or maybe it is the Wagoneer’s. It is posted below. By itself, it is just a picture. But, on Fiat Chrysler’s website, that picture is linked to a caption that says, “Coming September 3rd”

What do we know about the Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

On September 3rd, just two short weeks away, we shall have more detail. But, what we already think we know is that the Grand Wagoneer is expected to be a three-row SUV built upon the Ram 1500 chassis. It is also expected to be built for upscale customers with refined tastes. The expected price range is theoretically going to start where the Grand Cherokee leaves off and then climb over the $100,000, depending on how it is equipped. It is allegedly meant to go after the Escalade and Range Rover clientele. 

What do we know about the Jeep Wagoneer?

The Jeep Wagoneer is a bit of a mystery still. It is expected to be a step up from the Grand Cherokee and still under the Grand Wagoneer. It is speculated to still be a two-row SUV that will not be as luxuriously appointed as the Grand Wagoneer.

So much information floating around about both vehicles leads to a question, will there be a surprise to vehicle reveal? It is not unprecedented in the world of reveals to have two introductions at the same time. So, there is always the possibility the Jeep could introduce both models at the same time. 

All of these details, of course, will come into a greater focus on September 3rd. So, keep an eye on Motorbiscuit as we cover the reveal of the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. You can also follow up on our Facebook page here