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So you’re in the market for a new SUV and you’ve landed on the 2022 Toyota Sequoia. With every vehicle purchased, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Most importantly, which one of the many trims and options do you want or need? We’ve got the recommendations of experts to figure out which 2022 Toyota Sequoia you should buy. One of them provides the most value for the price.

What are the 2022 Toyota Sequoia trims?

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The 2022 Toyota Sequoia off-roading | Toyota

Firstly, there are six different Toyota Sequoia trims. The base model is called SR5, and the highest, which costs nearly $20,000 more, is Platinum. There really is a trim level for everyone, so whatever you need, Toyota has it. If you need immense off-road capability, the TRD Pro off-road model would be your best bet. However, it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

2022 Toyota Sequoia TrimPrice
TRD Sport$54,710
TRD Pro$66,120
Prices and trims from Car and Driver, after destination fees.

Which 2022 Toyota Sequoia trim should you buy?

A white 2022 Toyota Sequoia with mountains in the background.
2022 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, experts at Car and Driver recommend the base SR5 model. However, MotorTrend prefers the more expensive TRD Pro model. Although the latter publication still mentions that an SR5 base model is an excellent option.

First and most obviously, the Sequoia SR5 is the most affordable model. Overall, the Sequoia’s price starts a bit higher than other models in its class. Still, the SR5 trim is well-equipped with things like standard driver assists, eight seats with a second-row bench, and more. Captain’s chairs, four-wheel drive, and more are available in packages, so there’s no need to upgrade to a higher trim. MT noted that “the Sequoia’s interior doesn’t get much more elegant in its higher trims”.

The $66,120 2022 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro

If you’re able to put out $15,000 more than the base model, the TRD Pro trim is another excellent option. It’s a great off-road vehicle if that’s something you need, but it doesn’t sacrifice on-road driving quality. For off-roading, it comes with Fox shocks, an extra 0.7-inch of suspension travel, a cat-back exhaust, and a front skidplate.

After testing the Sequoia while driving off-road, MotorTrend said the following: “We were dubious about the prospect of a mud-spitting Sequoia, but we came away from a 2019 test impressed with the TRD Pro’s off-road chops. The Fox shocks handle rough terrain admirably well, and they ride just as well on the highway. The TRD Pro does little to alleviate the Sequoia’s basic sins, but at least it provides some virtues to even things out.”

Buy the base or TRD Pro Sequoia trims

Which of the 2022 Toyota Sequoia trims should you buy? Either the base SR5 trim, which supplies plenty of equipment and comfort without charging a ridiculously high price, or the TRD Pro model. Unlike the Platinum trim, the TRD Pro model offers off-road capability plus plenty of luxury. Depending on your budget and needs, one might be better than the other. Either way, these two trims are the best choices.


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