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The Ford Bronco is one of the most popular SUVs on the market right now. Old and new Bronco fans are enjoying the car. On top of that, it has a very interesting history, and some people may wonder where the current Bronco is made. Here’s a look at the revival of the Ford Bronco and where Ford is building the latest iteration of the Bronco.

The revival of the Ford Bronco

A light blue Ford Bronco parked on the street at dusk.
Ford Bronco | Getty Images

The original Bronco, introduced in the 60s, was a big hit for Ford. Although Ford changed it throughout the years, the general design was about the same. It was a two-door SUV with a unique rear window design that became well-known for. That said, the Bronco’s success hit a peak in the 90s. 

While some think that OJ Simpson’s infamous low-speed car chase in his Bronco was to blame for the its demise, that’s not the truth. Instead, Americans wanted bigger SUVs, and the Bronco was too small. So Ford killed it off. But over two decades later, Ford’s had a change of heart. 

The Bronco is back, and it’s very different. There are some design similarities, and Ford is still offering the Bronco as a two-door option. But Ford also has a four-door option, which is entirely new. Another thing that hasn’t changed about the Bronco is where it’s made. 

Here is where the Ford Bronco is made

According to Ford, the revival of the Bronco is being built in the same place where its older generations were built in. That place is in Michigan, and it’s simply called the Michigan Assembly Plant, though, in the past, it was called the Michigan Truck Plant. This factory made over one million Broncos during the SUV’s first thirty years. 

However, since many things have changed since the 90s, the Michigan Assembly Plant also needed some changes. That’s why, according to Ford, the Michigan-based automaker spent $750 million upgrading the plant in preparation for the production of the new Broncos. This investment added about 2,700 new jobs to the plant. Total employment there is currently sitting at about 4,900 people.

Unfortunately for Ford, despite this massive investment, the company still ran into many production issues. Most of those issues were related to the supply chain. Regardless, the production problems at the plant got so bad that Ford had to stop producing Broncos at one point. 

A look at the specs

That also means that many Bronco fans will have to either wait a while or spend a lot of money to get their hands on a great SUV. It currently starts at about $32,000, and it comes with a powerful 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that gets about 300 hp. While this is a powerful engine, Ford has plenty of options. 

No matter what engine it’s equipped with, the Bronco can tow about 3,500 pounds of stuff. Since it is competing with the Jeep Wrangler, off-roading is a significant area of focus for the Bronco. While the Ford and the Jeep are good at off-roading, the Bronco is the better car overall. On top of that, just like the Wrangler, Ford has given owners a lot of customization options. This should allow customers to make their Bronco truly their own. 


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