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Can you name all of the electric pickup trucks currently on the market? There are a few of them, right? Actually, no. The Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T are the only all-electric trucks for sale right now. With all of the hype around all of the expected EV trucks, you sometimes forget that they’re still a ways off. So we put together a list of the EV pickup trucks on the cusp of debuting, and others just a year or so off. 

Canoo Pickup Truck 2024 (?)

Canoo EV pickup | Canoo

You may be excused if you forgot about Canoo. It says it is on schedule to begin production of its unique pickup sometime in 2024, with a caveat. It has also said it may not have enough capital to actually get its trucks into production. Looking at the initial hiccups and stalls of EV startups’ first vehicles, this is a big “if.” With new stock sold to institutional investors in February 2023, the capital hurdle may have eased, but for how long?

Chevrolet Silverado EV 2023

Silverado EV
Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup | GM

Expected in 2024, Chevrolet has moved up the clock to begin Silverado EV production sometime this year. With the huge interest in EV trucks, and rival Ford’s success with the F-150 Lightning, it’s understandable GM is now cracking the whip. Let’s hope it has better luck cranking them out than it has had with the GMC Hummer. As it is reservationists are bracing for delays into 2025. 

GMC Sierra EV early 2024

GMC Sierra EV pickup truck | GM

It looks like GM is giving Chevrolet a little head start with Silverado EV production before the virtually identical GMC Sierra starts down the same assembly line.  

Ram 1500 REV late-2024

Ram REV EV pickup | Stellantis

Late to the EV truck game, Ram has spun the delinquency as giving it time to beat the specs and features of the other Detroit EV truck rivals. Its Sterling Heights manufacturing facility is where it will be made, based on the STLA EV platform. That means 500 miles range. Just unveiled last month, don’t expect the REV to arrive much before the end of 2024

Tesla Cybertruck 2024

Tesla Cybertruck EV | Tesla

What can one say about the Cybertruck that hasn’t already been said? After all, auto scribes have had almost four years to dissect every spec of the unusual truck. Tesla CEO Musk says the end of this year the Cybertruck goes into production, but we’re betting customers won’t see them until 2024. 

Toyota Tacoma EV late-2024

Tcoma EV
Toyota Tacoma EV pickup | Toyota

Toyota is another legacy manufacturer that has been a bit late in embracing the electric zeitgeist. Its Tacoma is new for 2023, so the Japanese manufacturer is keeping an EV variant from raining on the new Tacoma parade. Late last year Toyota said it said to expect an EV variant “in the near future” according to Green Car Reports. Expect the electric version no sooner than late in 2024. 


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