When Will Ram Truck And Jeep Production Resume?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused production delays for vehicles all over the nation to keep workers safe and to build safety materials. For example, Ford began manufacturing masks and gloves. As a result, dealerships are running out of trucks. So, when will Ram and Jeep resume production? 

When Will Fiat Resume Building Ram Trucks And Jeeps? 

Production began to resume on May 18, 2020, for Ram trucks. However, production is resuming slowly and safely. Only a handful of workers are returning to factories at a time to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

It may take months to weeks for average production to resume. Also, there has been no word on when Ford and GM plan to continue production, but they are expected to reopen factories in May.

2020 Ram 1500 Built to Serve Special Editions | FCA-00
2020 Ram 1500 Built to Serve Special Editions | FCA

An emphasis is currently being placed on building more Ram 1500 trucks, one of the most popular selling models. In Toledo, Ohio, the factory will continue to build Jeep Wranglers, and production on Jeep Gladiator models has resumed.

However, models such as the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Jeep Cherokee are currently delayed. Currently, the delay is only expected to last about three months. 

2020 Jeep Gladiator Three O Five Edition
2020 Jeep Gladiator Three O Five Edition | FCA

So as workers return to plants in Detroit, the Carolinas, and more, Ram currently is unsure about how long the production of new trucks and SUVs will take. Factories are undergoing more safety preparations as workers return as well. 

Jeep and Ram Safety Precautions 

More space between team members has been created, and some factory areas are having new plexiglass barriers installed. Ram and Jeep will also be staggering shifts between teams to provide more time to clean the plants in between shifts. 

2020 Jeep Wrangler driving at night with its lights on
2020 Jeep Wrangler

In the meantime, Fiat is providing as much testing as possible and supports full tests when they become available. In addition to current personal protective equipment, Ram will provide masks, gloves, and eyewear for all employees. 

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The workers who have already returned are demonstrating new health standards by cleaning their production areas during the first 10 minutes of their shifts. Every day workers fill out a health assessment for how they feel and have their temperature taken via thermal imagery. 

If someone has a virus, they are tested immediately and sent home until they are declared medically safe to return to work. They will undergo a paid 14-day quarantine at home as well. Safety is a top priority for Fiat. 

Fiat Financial Losses 

Fiat is complying with the United Auto Workers union to ensure full worker safety upon resuming production. While many stay at home orders remain in effect, auto companies need their output to resume to bring in more cash. 

A white Ram 1500 on display at an auto show.
Ram 1500 | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

With the American and Canadian factories shut down for nearly two months, Fiat is down by about $1.8 million this quarter. Ford is experiencing a similar loss of about $2 million as well.

Reopening will help offset the financial deficit and prevent more workers from losing their jobs. The manufacturing of base models and lower trim options will also provide more options at dealerships, as many only have more expensive options available.