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The all-new next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger debut is coming soon. A whole new design is going to be unveiled before the end of 2021. Since it made its return in 2019, the Ford Ranger pickup truck has been mostly exactly the same. It’s changed a lot since its original model though and will continue to change moving forward. We’ve gotten small glimpses of what’s to come, but nothing concrete just yet. Here’s when the debut will take place, and how to watch it live.

When is the next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger debut?

Next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger Teaser, it'll be revealed on November 24th. Wondering how to watch the live reveal? Ford Australia's YouTube channel.
2023 Ford Ranger Teaser | Ford

The all-new next-generation 2023 Ford Ranger will be officially announced on November 24th, 2021. Unfortunately for American fans, Ford Australia is doing the debut. The reason that’s unfortunate is that the time the live stream will be taking place is 2 AM Eastern. You will however be able to watch the video recording of the announcement the next morning, assuming you’ll be asleep during the live stream.

A few smaller details about the new Ranger have come out over the last year or so. The Ford Ranger pickup truck debut on November 24th will give us all the juicy details. From the brand new design to the features and (hopefully) cool new trims. If we’ve learned anything from recent automotive reveals, it’s to expect the unexpected.

How can you watch the new Ford Ranger debut?

There are a few different ways you can watch the official live stream of the 2023 Ford Ranger reveal. One is Ford’s Facebook page which will stream the debut, and the other is its YouTube channel. Both of which can be found below.

Based on the teaser we’ve already seen, we expect some heavy focus on off-road capability. Everything from lift kits to bigger tires, the Ranger is likely to come well-equipped. We also expect the starting price to make a little bit of a jump.

What do we already know about the 2023 Ford Ranger pickup truck?

A camouflaged 2023 Ford Ranger drives through the snow in a teaser video from Ford, it'll debut November 24th. Wondering how to watch the live reveal? Ford Australia's YouTube channel.
2023 Ford Ranger Teaser | Ford

So far, it seems that there will be only a single available engine option for 2023. That’s the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, which adds a bit more power than the current offering, a 2.3-liter four-cylinder. This new engine is already used by the Ford Bronco, so we expect some more features to be shared between the two. There’s a rumor the four-cylinder engine could turn into a plug-in hybrid option for the Ranger instead.

It seems logical that the Ranger would get a plug-in hybrid option after the Maverick and F-150 hybrids have been released. The Ranger is the only midsize truck in the segment getting a redesign or refresh for the new model year other than the Nissan Frontier. The two of them will battle it out for supremacy against the industry-leading Toyota Tacoma.

There’s plenty to speculate about after hearing rumors and seeing the teaser video from Ford. At the end of the day, we won’t know what’s actually coming with the next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger until it is revealed. According to TheDrive, the reveal will take place on November 24th at 2 AM Eastern time, and you can watch it via Ford Australia’s YouTube channel or Ford’s Facebook page.


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