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What’s the Difference Between the GMC Yukon and the Yukon XL?

Forget the 2020 new car models–that’s so last year. GMC has already introduce their next generation Yukons and Yukons XL for 2021, and, well we can’t say that we blame them. This new Yukon is redesigned and one good-looking SUV–this is a real luxury ride. Even the brand new AT4, which was built for off-roading, is polished enough to drop the keys at the valet stand without a backward glance. 

The Next Generation Yukons Are Here

GM is betting big on new-generation technology–their digital vehicle platform–and Yukons are among the first to have this suite of smart tech in all their models. GM is making the electrical system as important as the mechanicals–the engine and transmission. This overhaul is not just to make the infotainment more high-tech, but to add electric powertrains and more safety features to their lineup. The digital platform also enhances Super Cruise, the highly advanced automated technology that rivals Tesla’s Autopilot. Super Cruise allows the car to be as self-driving as anything on the road, using high-precision GPS, cameras, sensors, liar map data, and a driver attention system to ensure the driver is looking straight ahead at the road. SO you can take your hands off the wheel, but your eyes have to remain dead ahead. GM is slowly rolling out Super Cruise to models beyond Cadillacs after 2020. 

Yukon XL Is Even More Extra Long 

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Even though Yukons are still waiting for Super Cruise technology, they have always been the Cadillac of SUVs without actually being an Escalade (also redesigned for 2021). They’re luxurious, expensive, and usually feature the cutting edge technologies of whatever GM is doing that particular year. This year the Yukons look pretty much the same, but it stands taller and higher than previous models. 

One of the reasons Yukon buyers are willing to pay a premium for these vehicles is the size–adults can comfortably ride in the third row. If you’re driving the basketball team around, the new XL is for you–the wheelbase is 4/1 inches longer, which translates into more legroom and cargo space–two more inches in the third row. Cargo space grows from 121.7 cubic feet to 144.7–that’s a couple more gym bags and a giant Yeti cooler. 

SLE and SLT Yukons also gained a fair amount of space–30 percent more. Legroom has increased by 10 inches in the third row, and the cargo space is 28.3 cubic feet bigger–clocking in at a whopping 122.9. 

The Flagship Denali Gets Its Own Interior Redecoration

The premium Yukon Denali is getting interior features for 2021 that are unique to this model. For one thing, Denali buyers can choose from a palette of four new colors, which pair with complimenting real wood accents. Hand-finished stains, in black and brownstone, are applied with an ombre effect, gradually blending the colors to give an outdoor vibe–the Grand Canyon at sunset, if that’s your thing. 

Chrome accents line the buttons and controls, and the instrument panel is exclusive to Denali. The premium leather seats are also exclusive to Denali, featuring perforated leather with Fractal stiching in a Denali pattern. The Denali logo is also incorporated on the front seats, the door sill plates, and the chrome in the middle of the steering wheel. 

Denall Has Exclusive Exterior Features Too 

GMC didn’t just glam up the Denali’s interior, they added some bling to the exterior, too. The hallmark of the Denali, the trademarked Galvano chrome grille, is larger and even more finely detailed, with over 10,000 reflective surfaces creating that dimensional pattern that lets you see it’s a Denali heading your way. 

Yukon AT4

Stay tuned–GMC is debuting the first serious off-road Yukon later the year, the AT4. It’s got all the premium bells and whistles of the Yukon, and it’s ready to climb a mountain.