What’s the Difference Between the 2020 Genesis G80 and G90?

The 2020 Genesis G80 and G90 are two luxury vehicles offered by Genesis Motors, a subsidiary Hyundai Motor Group. The G80 and G90 are among the top-selling cars for Genesis. Despite their popularity, there are distinct differences between the two. Likewise, there are strengths and weaknesses to both vehicles. Knowing the difference is something car owners should consider when deciding between a Genesis and other luxury vehicle brands on the market.

The pros and cons of the Genesis G80

The 2020 Genesis G80 is ranked first for midsize luxury cars on the market. It also ranks near the top in every luxury and safety category. Not to mention, the G80 boasts one of the best interiors, which includes leather upholstery, as well as carbon fiber, real wood, and aluminum finishes.

The strengths of the G80 include an abundance of state-of-the-art safety tech features. These include anti-lock brakes, stability control systems, front, side, overhead, and knee airbags, anti-whiplash restraints, seatbelt pretensioners, and a first-class security system.

Likewise, the G80 has excellent predicted reliability, receiving a stellar 4.5 out of 5 rating by J.D. Power. Along with its lavish interior, the G80 is quite spacious and has more than sufficient cargo room, making for comfortable and serene riding experience.

There is one significant weakness to the Genesis G80, and that is fuel economy. The G80 series boasts V6 and V8 engines, which are significantly less fuel-efficient than the four-cylinder engines offered by other luxury competitors. The G80 averages 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. Less fuel efficiency equates to higher fuel costs. However, the G80  is one of the cheapest midsize luxury cars on the market.

The strengths and weaknesses of the Genesis G90

The Genesis G90 is unveiled at AutoMobility LA on November 20, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
The Genesis G90 unveiling | David McNew/Getty Images

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The 2020 Genesis G90 is ranked second for large luxury vehicles on the market by U.S. News. While the G80 boasts a spacious interior, it does not compare to the space offered in the G90. Likewise, it has ample engine power and plenty of standard safety features. All and all, the G90 is one of the most well-rounded luxury sedans available.

Some of the strengths of the Genesis G90 include ample space and comfortable seating for both the front and back rows. Likewise, the G90 comes equipped with all of the standard safety features in the G80, while incorporating a new infotainment system. The G90 ranks highly with its crash test rating. 

Like the G80, the G90’s biggest weakness is its fuel-efficiency. The G90 models come equipped with a V6 twin or V8 engine. It averages 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Another significant weakness is cost, where the G90 is among the highest-priced large luxury vehicles.

The differences between the G80 and G90

The main difference between the Genesis G80 and G90 is the price. The base price for the G80 is $42,550, while the base price for the G90 is $72,220. However, if the price is a significant factor, trying considering a slightly older G80. There is virtually no difference between a 2018 G80 and 2020 G80 models, offering the same luxury brand for less the price

As for the G90, Genesis revamped the 2020 model with a new exterior design. Genesis also introduced Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and other driver assistance features in the 2020 model. The 2020 G90 offers more space than the G80 and better comfortability.  

Overall, the 2020 Genesis G80 and G90 are among the best luxury vehicles in their respective categories. If considering the G80, note its affordability among other midsize luxury vehicles. And if considering the G90, note the best-in-class luxury design for sedans as well as the overall space and comfort.