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So, you’re looking for a sturdy full-frame SUV with plenty of room for cargo and passengers. You also would like 4WD capability, and it would be nice not to break the bank. Automakers all advertise the MSRP of their large SUVs, but this is for 2WD models. The cheapest 3rd row SUV–once you add 4WD–is the Toyota 4Runner: $40,930 plus destination chargers. In fact, its closest competitor costs more than $50k. Curious about other models? Read on for our full list of the cheapest 3rd-row SUVs with 4WD.

How much does the 2023 Toyota 4Runner cost?

Toyota is advertising a $39,555 MSRP for its 4Runner MSRP and currently giving customers another $500 off. This puts it close to the four-door Wrangler Unlimited’s $35,690 MSRP, though a bit above the full-frame Bronco’s $32,295 MSRP.

Promo photo of the 40th-anniversary special edition of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner in black with an orange stripe, the cheapest 3rd row 4WD.
2023 Toyota 4Runner SUV | Toyota

One reason Toyota can command a higher price for its 4Runner is that, unlike its mid-size competitors, you can configure the Toyota with a 3rd row of seating.

As 3rd-row SUVs go, the Tacoma-based 4Runner is relatively small. But it does cost much less than any other 3rd row. Even more appealing: adding 4WD to most 3rd-row SUVs will cost you $3,000. Toyota offers the upgrade for just $1,875.

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What does ‘large 4WD SUV’ technically mean?

The black leather interior of a 2023 Toyota 4Runner SUV with 4WD and a 3rd-row of seating.
2023 Toyota 4Runner SUV | Toyota

Because of the many capable crossovers with a 3rd row of seats (think Toyota Highlander and Volkswagen Atlas), it is getting difficult to define “large SUV.” Here is how we built our list.

First of all, we only considered true SUVs built on a full-frame chassis (often borrowed from a pickup truck). This disqualified even the most capable unibody/crossover vehicles, such as the Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Expedition, GMC Acadia, every current Land Rover, and the Grand Cherokee/Dodge Durango.

Secondly, we only looked at full-frame SUVs that offer a 3rd row of seating (thus “Large” SUVs). So not the Jeep Wrangler, full-frame Bronco, or Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Obviously, many of the large full-frame SUVs on the list have luxury versions (Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Lexus GX and LX, Grand Wagoneer, Infiniti QX80, etc.) But as these are more expensive, so they are also not on the list of cheapest, full-size 4WD SUVs.

Here’s our official definition of an SUV.

The cheapest full-size SUVs with 4WD

Detail photo of the orange racing stripe on a 4WD, 3rd-row 2023 Toyota 4Runner SUV.
2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

All of the Detroit Three currently sell a full-frame SUV based on their popular truck chassis. (Though Chrysler Corporation did not until the Wagoneer debuted in 2022). Nissan and Toyota also offer an SUV based on their truck chassis. Only Chevrolet and Toyota currently offer a mid-size SUV based on a mid-size pickup truck.

We pulled this data directly from manufacturer websites. Note that these MSRPs might change throughout 2023, and you will also pay a hefty destination charge. General Motors only offers price quotes based on location.

Without further ado, here is the full list of the cheapest 3rd-row SUVs with 4WD:

Make/ModelMSRPPrice w/ 4WD
Nissan Armada$49,900$52,900
Toyota 4 Runner$39,055$40,930
Chevrolet Tahoe$54,200$57,200
Chevrolet Suburban$56,900$59,900
GMC Yukon$57,400$60,400
Toyota Sequoia$58,365$61,365
Wagoneer (by Jeep)$58,995$61,995
Ford Expedition $54,155$57,205

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