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Chevrolet offers many SUVs, but the two heavy hitters in the full-size class are the Tahoe and the Suburban. If you take a close look at the specs and features list of both, you’ll notice that’s very little that sets these two apart.

The 2021 models will start production in less than a year, and you might want to look ahead to get a full-size SUV for your family. When it comes to deciding which one will be your next purchase, you must do some digging to see what each one offers you that the other doesn’t. has a list of specs we know, so far, for the Tahoe and the Suburban. Let’s look at how both compare and what makes them different.

How the Tahoe and Suburban compare with each other

Both of these full-size SUVs come standard with a 5.3-liter engine coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission for the 2021 models. You can also get the same 6.0 motor as an upgrade on both vehicles. Each one also has an option to add the 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine, and you can get them both in the rear or four-wheel drivetrain.

As far as features go, these two are pretty much the same, so far. Chevy hasn’t announced all of them for the 2021 models, but both the Tahoe and the Suburban will get a 10-inch infotainment display screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB charging ports with a WiFi hotspot, and 18-inch standard wheels. Both have heated and ventilated front seats as an upgrade package.

What is the biggest difference between the two?

The biggest thing that sets these two apart is in the size. The wheelbase for the Suburban is 130-inches, which is 14 inches longer than the Tahoe. It doesn’t sound like much, but a longer wheelbase allows the Suburban to have more interior room and cargo space to work with. In fact, the storage area on the Suburban happens to be 41-cubic feet from the back to the third-row seats. Chevy’s Tahoe only has 25-cubic feet of space.

Some other differences include the fuel and towing capacity figures between the two. Chevy’s Tahoe can hold 26-gallons of fuel, while the Suburban holds 31-gallons, giving you more time before you have to fuel up again. When it comes to towing, there’s a slight difference.

While we don’t the rating for the 2021 model, Car and Driver reports the 2020 Tahoe, with a weight distributing hitch, can handle 6,400 lbs trailer weight, which is about 400 lbs more than the Suburban.

What to know when deciding which one to buy

Chevrolet markets both vehicles to different groups with different needs. The Suburban is more of a large family SUV where you need a lot of space and storage areas to accommodate your everyday activities. It’s also the best option for towing, because of the longer wheelbase on it. This makes it a bit safer than the Tahoe if you have a trailer or camper to haul behind.

The Tahoe might be a great option for smaller families who don’t need a lot of cargo space but want more comfort for traveling. If you need a bit more storage, on occasion, you can simply fold down the third-row seat, if they’re not being used. Overall towing capacity is actually slightly smaller than the Suburban, but the Tahoe can handle it a bit easier, provided you use the right hitch.

All in all, both are pretty much the same when it comes to features and specs. The only real difference between the two is the length of them. It all comes down to the amount of interior space and storage area you need for both you and your family.