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In 2022, we saw several new luxury SUVs get redesigned. We got the new Acura MDX, new luxurious trims of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer, Infiniti QX60 and others. But, when it comes to an ultra-luxury SUV that doesn’t immediately scream “hey look at me,” the Land Rover Range Rover seems to take the cake after its 2022 redesign. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Newsweek named it the best 2022 Luxury SUV in its 2022 Autos Awards.

Why is the Range Rover the best 2022 luxury SUV?

Like others on Newsweek’s list, redesigns help win awards. Land Rover redesigned the Range Rover for 2022 and improved it considerably. But, it also kept the styling familiar so that it doesn’t stray from the instantly-recognizable Range Rover shape that has been a staple at country clubs for 40 years. But, the new Rover rides atop an all-new platform that is designed to accommodate future engines.

The Range Rover is the pinnacle of Land Rovers. Yhat means features that you never thought you would even want, let alone need. Take, for example, the electric roll bar that uses a 48-volt motor to keep this tall SUV upright. If you sit in the right rear seat you get both a leg rest and footrest, and the entire second row can get heated/ventilated/massaging seats, flanked by a refrigerator. Ohh, and those second row seats even recline.

But it’s also a clean design that doesn’t give you lots of buttons to play with. Instead, you get a couple of knobs, a shifter, and a huge 13.7-inch digital instrument cluster, and a 13.1-inch touchscreen.  

Does the 2023 Range Rover have three rows?

2022 Range Rover SE third row
Newsweek’s 2022 best luxury SUV, the Range Rover SE | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

The new Land Rover Range Rover comes in two sizes. You can pick a SWB or LWB, for short wheel base and long wheel base. That means you can order four-seat, five-seat, or a seven-seat Rover. This is the first time that a Rover has come with three rows. You can also order Discoveries and Defenders with extra seats in back so the whole fam can enjoy the smell of fine British leather.

Is a 2022 Range Rover reliable?

2022 Range Rover exterior view in nature
2022 Range Rover SE | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

To put it mildly, Land Rover has had struggles with reliability. The 2021 Range Rover got a one-star rating from Consumer Reports, for example, for reliability. But, ask any Land Rover fan and they’ll tell you that those issues are generally caused by deferred maintenance, not a bad product. The 2022 Rover, however, rides on an all-new platform with a plethora of new engines that still have to prove themselves.

How much will a 2002 Range Rover cost?

2022 Range Rover front interior view
2022 Range Rover | Joe Santos, Motorbiscuit

The Range Rover may have one of the largest spreads between the price of a base model and the price of a top-of-the line model. The 2023 Range Rover with a 3.0-liter 395-horsepower hybrid V6 engine starts at $104,500. If you really want to go all out, you can put down $218,300 for a Range Rover SV, which has bronze inserts around the badges, your “curated” choice of wood trim, chrome, white or black (at extra cost) ceramic controls, and so much more.