What’s That? You Want a 2-Stroke Scented Candle For Christmas?

With all the holidays coming up, there are plenty of opportunities to give and receive gifts from friends, family, and loved ones. This can come with stress and anxiety, whether financial or simply not knowing what to get someone, buying presents can be tough. What do you get your weird, car-nerd niece or your wacky motorcycle obsessed boyfriend? Well, here is the perfect gift for anyone missing the hot, acrid, sweet, and smokey smell of a 2-stroke engine burning mixed gas this winter season. 

Flying Tiger Moto has given us the 2-stroke gift that keeps on giving

Flying Tiger is now offering a candle that smells like the blue-tinted puff of smoke that comes out of any 2-stroke motor. The folks at Flying tiger make each candle by hand, and hand tinned each one as well. 

Flying Tiger Moto 2-Stroke candle
Flying Tiger Moto 2-Stroke candle | Flying Tiger

Don’t panic; this doesn’t just smell like someone ripping a 2-stroke bike in your home. Flying Tiger used both Klotz R-50 race oil and a mix of natural scents to create something a bit more friendly than just running wide open indoors. 

Flying Tiger candles are made right here in the ol’ U.S.A. 

The company is stationed out of St. Louis, MO where they, not only make the candles by hand but make a series of smell-good products and motoring gear and apparel. Flying Tiger makes a variety of soaps that smell like leather and oil, tobacco and beer, and woodsy spices and leather. These scents are also available in candle form and cologne. If you are tired of smelling your grimy, gassy-smelling partner, well, these might not help all that much if you’re tired of the smell-scape of the garage, but I’m sure it’s better than the real thing. 

Regular 2-stroke isn’t the only flavor Flying Tiger has cooked up

Silodrome just alerted me of the newest flavor from Flying Tiger Moto, the Snow Tiger 2-stroke candle. The theme of 2-stroke love continues by servicing our northern snowmobiling brothers and sisters by making a candle that captures the particular smells of 2-stroke snowmobiling. This new candle blends the crispy smell of pine and snow with, of course, the popular 2-stroke oil, 2T. 

Flying Tiger Moto 2-Stroke candle
Flying Tiger Moto 2-Stroke candle | Flying Tiger

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The Flying Tiger Moto team aren’t just knuckle-dragging dudes who believe that the only way for men to like a candle is to make it cartoonishly “masculine.” They mention on the site that these candles are meant to trigger nostalgia and memory. Science says that smell is the sense most closely related to our memory. I think this is a surprisingly thoughtful and intentional product that has value to those who grew up around ring-a-ding of 2-stroke motors. 

Nostalgia will cost you

These candles aren’t cheap, but can you really put a price on memory? Turning your living room into the sledding trail or the motocross track will cost you $32. Admittedly, I have no idea what the going rate for candles is these days, but that seems like a lot. But then again, handmade nostalgia triggers may be priceless.