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As a full-size truck, we might be saying goodbye to the Nissan Titan soon. And that could leave a hole in Nissan’s lineup. Apparently, Nissan might have plans to build an electric truck. It’s not clear if this EV pickup will be a direct replacement for the discontinued Titan. Signs point to it being a small truck. 

Is Nissan ending the Titan?

Reportedly, Nissan does have plans to kill the Titan. This full-size truck does not sell as well as its rivals. And yet, it manages to be one of the more expensive pickups on the market. By 2024 or 2025, we expect to see this model disappear from dealerships. 

This Nissan Titan might be a discontinued full-size truck.
2023 Nissan Titan Nissan

And that leaves the question, what is going to replace the Nissan Titan? According to sources familiar with the situation, there are no current plans for another Nissan full-size truck. But we could see a new electric truck. 

Does Nissan have an electric truck?

As it stands, Nissan does not sell an electric truck. But Car and Driver has reported that Nissan could soon change that. There have already been rumors that the brand plans to build an EV pickup. Unlike the electric trucks being offered by brands like Ford and Ram, this might be a midsize vehicle. 

Nissan has seen some pretty solid success with the redesigned Frontier. It now comes with a standard V6 engine and feels like a worthy competitor. It seems like making an electric version of the Frontier could be a win for the company. But it’s not clear if we will actually see an EV Nissan pickup enter production or not. 

A concept of what a Nissan small electric truck could look like.
Nissan Surf-Out concept | Nissan

Last year, the Japanese automaker did show something it calls the Surf-Out concept. Pictured above, it’s a small truck that appears aimed at folks who lead an active lifestyle. While a production version of Nissan’s electric truck will likely look fairly different, I must admit that the Surf-Out looks futuristic. 

Why is the Nissan Titan dead?

Although the Titan has been around for some time, it’s never been that great of a seller for Nissan. I’ve heard from Titan owners who love their trucks; some have even been consecutive buyers. But unless you are set on Nissan’s full-size truck, it just seems like pickups like the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 bring more to the table. 

That said, the 2023 Nissan Titan is the last full-size truck that comes standard with a V8 engine. Some of its competitors, like the Toyota Tundra, don’t even offer a V8 anymore. So if Nissan is killing the Titan, it will be sad to see that kind of standard powertrain leave the market. 

It seems like where Nissan excels is in the midsize truck segment. So it does make sense that a potential electric pickup from the brand would be a smaller model. It will certainly be cool to see an electric version of the Frontier if that’s what this Japanese automaker has planned. But only the future knows what’s actually going to happen.

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Is the Nissan Titan Pickup Dead?