What’s New With the 2021 Volvo V90?

Crossovers may still be king, but models like the Volvo V90  and the Cross Country variant prove that wagons are here to stay. The Volvo V90 lineup continues to be a class leader because of its lavish interior and host of advanced safety features. For 2021, the V90 Cross Country gets a mild refresh.

The V90’s styling cues  

A grey Volvo V90 parked near the forest.
Volvo V90 Cross Country | Volvo

Volvo decided to rely on the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mantra for the 2021 V90 lineup. That’s just as well since the V90 models already boasted one of the most handsome exteriors in today’s luxury car market. Volvo gave the new V90 models a slight facelift compared to the 2020 model year. Many of the changes are barely noticeable, though.

For 2021, the Cross Country gets updated fog lights and a spoiler. Volvo has also introduced new paint colors for the V90 lineup also features fresh paint color options and alloy wheel designs. The models also get LED taillights sequential turn signals. 

How the V90 performs 

For 2021, all V90 models are available with mild-hybrid technology, just like Volvo’s XC90 SUV. Volvo stated this technology could save consumers up to 15 percent on fuel savings and emission reductions in real-world driving. What separates the Cross Country model from the regular V90 is capability. V90 Cross Country models come standard with all-wheel-drive and a lifted suspension. So if you’re looking for an all-road vehicle, the Cross Country variant is a better fit. 

Aside from the new mild-hybrid technology, the powertrain options on the V90 models are very much the same. The base V90, also known as the T5 model, comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 250-horsepower. The upgraded T6 model features the same engine, but it has been supercharged to generate 316-hp. 

This supercharged powertrain is standard on the Cross Country variant. Overall, the V90 gets points for being surprisingly quick. Most drivers will be pleased with the standard T5 model. An eight-speed automatic transmission comes with each engine option. 

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On the inside 

After Mercedes, Car and Driver praises Volvo for offering the most luxurious car cabins. The V90 lineup perfectly demonstrates this. The V90 can seat five people comfortably and comes standard with leather-wrapped seats. What makes this wagon even better is that it also comes with a panoramic sunroof. This wagon is good on cargo space too.

The V90 also comes with many desirable tech features. Standard infotainment features on the wagon include a 9-inch touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and navigation. The only complaint here is that sometimes it takes a while for the system to respond. 

Safety features are a huge selling point

The Volvo V90 Cross Country on display at the Brussels Motor Show
The 2020 Volvo V90 | Didier Messens/Getty Images

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Volvo has remained an industry leader in regards to advanced safety. All Volvos come with the carmaker’s City Safety suite, which includes blind-spot monitoring and blind-spot monitoring. Volvo claims that its collision avoidance system is the only one in the market that can identify pedestrians, cyclists, and even larger animals. Volvo’s semi-autonomous driving system is also available on the V90.