What’s the Most Reliable Hybrid Luxury SUV, According to Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports has recently released its annual survey of the most and least reliable car brands and models, and the results are surprising. Hybrids really stood out in a crowded market. There was even a luxury model that joined the top three hybrids of 2023.

A blue 2022 Lexus NX 450h in a driveway.
Blue 2022 Lexus NX 450h | Lexus

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid was a standout

It should come as no surprise that Toyota was one of the top three most reliable automakers of 2023. With an MSRP range of $21,550 – $27,175, it’s a very affordable vehicle in a market that seems to be raising the price by the day. Consumer Reports was highly impressed with the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, and ranked it as one of the top hybrids of the year.

Consumer Reports stated, “If stellar fuel economy, strong brand reliability, and standard advanced safety features are high on your checklist, the Corolla Hybrid could be the choice for you. It gets an impressive 48 MPG overall.” In comparison, the non-hybrid Corolla gets 33 MPG, which is impressive as well. 

The review site went on to compliment the hybrid Corolla for its ability to tackle curves and absorb bumps from jarring roads with no issues. 

One area that did not stand out in all the right ways was the speed. The Corolla Hybrid had some issues with acceleration. Even so, it managed to take the top spot in the hybrid division.

The Lexus NX Hybrid is a great luxury SUV

Like Toyota, Lexus is once again one of the top scorers in the Consumer Reports survey. In fact, there wasn’t a single Lexus vehicle that didn’t score above average in terms of reliability. The Lexus NX Hybrid managed to outshine all of its siblings, especially in the SUV division.

In terms of fuel economy, it can’t top the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, but it still gets an impressive 38 MPG overall. The predicted owner satisfaction score is middling, but the road test and predicted reliability earned high scores. Most of the road test scores were high, with the exception of the greenhouse gas and the cargo area.

The gas and electric aspects of the Lexus NX Hybrid run smoothly together, so there are no awkward pauses as the engines switch between each other. As for the interior, it is very comfy, although tall passengers may not have an enjoyable ride in the rear passenger seats.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE failed to impress


Why Does Consumer Reports Recommend the 2022 Lexus NX Despite Finding Plenty of Problems?

One luxury SUV that didn’t earn high marks during this survey was the Mercedes-Benz GLE. According to USA Today, it was the least reliable luxury SUV of the year. To be clear, the GLE is not a hybrid luxury SUV. It is a very expensive SUV that doesn’t quite live up to its name brand, however.

A quick glance at Consumer Reports reveals that most of the scores for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE are high. The fuel economy did not rank well, however. The greenhouse gas score was low as well. Owners who loved the styling and comfort felt that the value wasn’t worth the $56,150 – $117,850 that they paid for it. 

Consumer Reports really enjoyed the 48-volt mild-hybrid system, which makes the GLE feel very efficient. Other areas that the GLE managed to please were the comfortable front seats and the spacious cargo area. There is also a definite luxurious feel that Mercedes-Benz is so well known for.

Where it really failed was the running boards, which are a great idea on paper, but tend to make entering and exiting a real pain for your calves. The controls were also incredibly frustrating for Consumer Reports staff members, who found that you had to go through multiple screens to complete a task that should be done in one or two.