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The GMC Canyon is one of the better trucks available on the market today. Like other trucks, GMC offers a lot of options on the Canyon, and the Denali trim is one of the higher-end ones. Here’s everything that you’ll get from buying the Canyon Denali.

An improved look and feel

While GMC offers the same, powerful engines on both the Denali trim and the regular Canyon, the Denali trim does totally revamp the interior of the truck. The Canyon is a work truck, so its interior is going to be sparse. But with the Denali trim, this pickup becomes a capable work truck that also has a comfortable interior. 

GMC says that one of the bigger upgrades with the Denali trim is that the seats and the interior are all lined with a more luxurious leather finish. Additionally, these premium seats are heated and are very comfortable. These seats allow the Canyon to be one of the most comfortable trucks on the market today in its segment. 

On top of that, the Denali trim will also bring the famous Denali styling and look to the truck. This can make people turn their heads when they see the Canyon Denali, or it could just make you feel cooler as a result. Either way, many people agree that the Denali trim will turn a work truck into something cooler and more beautiful.

More features and technologies 

The extra cost of the Denali trim also brings a lot of features to the interior of the Canyon. Chief among them is an 8-inch touchscreen display that’s integrated with a navigation system. Furthermore, the basic six-speaker stereo system of the Canyon is upgraded into a premium sound system from Bose. This trim also comes with a 4G WiFi hotspot, which the basic Canyon doesn’t have. It also has more USB ports.

Plus, GMC has a lot of smart safety features on the Canyon Denali that the regular Canyon doesn’t have. For instance, safety features such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and a driver alert package are standard. Some of these safety features are very important features to have.

In fact, forward collision warning is one of the newest criteria that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, has for its tests of trucks. The Denali, because it has that feature as standard, is a far safer truck than the regular Canyon is in the eyes of the safety agencies.

Additional performance

While both the Canyon Denali and the regular Canyon have the same choice of engines, the Canyon Denali also comes with a trailering package, according to GMC. This trailering package allows this truck and its owner to easily handle any towing needs you might have.

GMC also has a spray-on bed liner as a standard feature on the Canyon Denali. This can ensure that the truck bed of your truck stays tough for as long as possible. That said, the payload capacity of the Canyon Denali will be the same as the payload capacity of the regular Canyon. That is again due to the fact that both trucks have the same engine options. 

The Canyon Denali will set you back by a lot of money, though. GMC is offering this truck at about $40,000. This is roughly twice as much money as what GMC offers the regular Canyon at. But again, the most basic Canyon is a simple work truck, whereas the Canyon Denali offers a premium trucking experience.