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Fans of “The Crown” series know that it’s full of amazing, and mostly British, cars. From Princess Diana’s Jaguar XJS to Queen Elizabeth’s Series II Land Rover, cars seem to play an important role in the royal family, possibly because while on the move together they can get away from the prying eyes of the public and the press. But King Charles III has an impressive collection – much of it inherited from his mom, the queen – of his own that’s apparently worth millions because of course he does.

What kinds of cars are in King Charles III’s car collection?

According to CBS News, the royal fleet has at 12 confirmed cars. The two most expensive are a pair of Bentley State Limousines. Bentley built the cars specifically for the 2002 Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Bentleys are the official state cars of Great Britain, and much like the President’s Cadillac here, they’re fully armoured and worth about $1.7 million each.  

While CBS News says the car collection is worth about $15 million, reports differ. Robb Report says the collection is worth $8 million. Either way, us non-Royals would be hard-pressed to own even one of these special cars. Most of the cars in the collection are English and they’re luxury and GT cars, not sports cars. Most, too, have four doors like the state Rolls-Royce limousine that carried Queen Elizabeth II and now chauffeurs the king.

He has two Bentley Limousines worth $1.7 million. Each.

One of two royal Bentley limousines
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales arrive, in The Queen’s Bentley car, at the Braemar Highland Games | Indigo/Getty Images

For the Queen’s jubilee in 2022, Bentley made two special limousines for the occasion to carry the royal family. They’re burgundy and black and look like very large versions of the Arnage with elements of the Continental GT sports car thrown in. They’re not pretty, but they are certainly impressive and are fully armoured. According to Bentley:  The car is so tall, Her Majesty could literally walk in and out of the car without the need to stoop. The doors are hinged at the rear and open to a ninety-degree angle, making it that much easier to get in and out.

The cars were designed so specifically for the queen that Bentley used a model the same size as the queen to design the seats, and it has bag storage based around the dimensions of her favorite purse.

Does King Charles have a car that runs on wine?

King Charles III drving his blue Aston Martin DB6
King Charles III behind the wheel of his Aston Martin DB6 Mark Cuthbert, Getty Images

It must be nice to be a royal. Charles’ parents gave him a 1965 Aston Martin DVB6 Volante for his 21st birthday. James Bond made Aston Martin’s DB5 famous in “Goldfinger,” fitted with an ejection seat and hidden machine guns. The DB6 looks similar and has a similar 4.0-liter straight six-cylinder engine.

But the King converted his DB6 to run on bioethanol instead of gasoline. Bioethanol is a type of alcohol that is obtained by fermenting sugar and starch from plants. It’s a byproduct of wine, and many have joked about his car that runs on wine.  In 2019 he sold his 1994 Aston Martin Virage Volante for $309,000 at auction.

He has an all-electric Jaguar I-Pace SUV

King Charles gets in a blue Jaguar i-Pace electric SUV
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales gets into his new chauffeur-driven Jaguar I-PACE fully electric car following a visit to the newly refurbished ‘Maiden’ Yacht at HMS President. | Max Mumby, Getty Images

The King has been photographed many times getting in the back seat of this dark blue Jaguar I-Pace SUV. While it’s not on the same level of luxury as the Bentley limousine, nobody wills ay an I-Pace is a cheap SUV. In keeping with the King’s commitment to the environment, the I-Pace as an all-electric SUV with 394 horsepower. They start at $72,000, but you can be sure the King’s I-Pace has some options that aren’t available to the general public.

Rolls Royce Phantom V Limousine

The Queen's Rolls-Royce Phantom IV at her Silver Jubilee
The Imperial State Crown, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Vernon (Comptroller of the Lord Chamberlain’s Office) is driven down The Mall, in a Rolls Royce Phantom VI | Max Mumby, Getty Images

In 1978 the Queen was given a Rolls-Royce Phantom IV limousine to celebrate her silver jubilee. The Phantom IV, too, has a raised roof and doors that open wide. It can be assumed that it, too, has armor and other safety features for the royals.

The Queen loved her Land Rover Defender 110

The queen and her black Land Rover Defender in a green field
The Queen At The Windsor Horse Show Stands With Her Chauffeur At Her 4-wheel Drive Vehicle, a Land Rover Defender | Tim Graham, Getty Images

The Queen was a Land Rover fan and watchers of “The Crown” probably got a thrill out of seeing her drive her Land Rover where god intended, off-road. Land Rover, too, makes a point to note that its cars are driven by the royal family. The Queen and Price Phillip were often seen behind the wheel of a special Defender 110 near their Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Presumably, her Land Rovers are now part of the King’s collection.


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