What Your Car’s Color Says About You

Ever notice you’re drawn to certain car colors but not others? Popularity, trends, and availability can influence your choice of car features. But your preference for car color can also reveal a great deal about your personal experiences and personality.

Does your car match your personality? And do your tastes fit with the biggest and latest color trends?

New year, new car colors

Just as cultural popularity changes frequently, preferences and trends in the automotive industry also fluctuate often. This is true for paint colors, which have expanded to give owners a wide variety of choices. But even as choices for colors grow, it’s easy to see why some shades become more popular than others. With a new year upon us, there’s speculation as to where that popularity is shifting next.

According to CarBuzz, research conducted by BASF suggests “the next generation of cars will see a focus on grayish-green, warm beige, and coarse gray colors.” It appears color trends are moving toward natural and warm. But as the world goes greener, it’s no surprise pastel colors are growing more popular, “coming across as more delicate and soft, less garish, and more in tune with the natural world.”

There’s also a growing trend of fun, crazy colors as it becomes easier to personalize everything we own. Whether these natural colors will become the world’s top choice, the color of your car can say a lot more about you than just your ability to reflect trends.

What a car’s color says about its owner

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It’s possible to get stuck with a certain car color because of availability. But it’s human nature to be drawn to one color over another. When you choose a car and its color, it could say a lot more about you than you know.

According to NerdWallet, even as color popularity rises and falls, psychology shows that “different hues can reveal various likes, dislikes, and habits.” A professional helped the site show how car colors reflect an owner’s personality.

White, black, and gray

White, black, and gray are most often considered the most classic and neutral car colors. The popularity of white has increased since the 1990s, offering a “modern, sleek look” to any car. Car shoppers who like white “can handle a million details” but are also dependable, hard-working, and diligent. Owners who prefer black cars also like classic, slick designs. These people enjoy the portrayal of sophistication and confidence and are typically “defined and strong.” Owners who like shades of gray are a combination of white and black: relaxed, dignified, and mature but with “impeccable taste.”


Silver is similar to its gray cousin, but the metallic shine of silver creates a feeling of modern styling and technology. Owners who love silver tend to be energetic, upbeat, tech-savvy, and forward-thinking.


Brown and beige might seem boring, but people drawn to these palettes are typically “down-to-earth” and “fiscally responsible.” Frivolous things don’t entice brown or beige lovers, who often prioritize comfort and reliability.


Blue varies from light and bright to dark, so there can be some variation in your personality. Those who like blue cars are typically relaxed, put-together, and calm. If you prefer a lighter blue, you might be upbeat, friendly, and trustworthy. If you prefer darker shades, you may be confident and self-assured.


Red stands out from the pack. If you like this shade, you tend to be magnetic, energetic, and enjoy attention from others. People who are drawn to this car color are typically motivated and driven but sometimes restless or aggressive.

Does your car’s hue matter?

When you’re shopping for a car, your personality might determine which color you like best. But there might be other factors that affect the color you choose.

According to Pro Car Mechanics, you shouldn’t decide on a car’s color simply because it’s pretty. There are more practical factors to consider. For example, your car’s color could affect its resell value. Choosing a popular shade like white, black, or silver can improve your vehicle’s depreciation. Your car might not hold the same value if it’s an unpopular color. 

Certain colors can also help prevent your car’s theft. Pro Car Mechanics says plain or neutral-colored cars are likelier to get stolen than those with bright paint jobs. This may be simply because thieves know they can more easily resell a neutral-colored car.