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With the increase of people keeping their cars longer nowadays, you have to wonder why. The most likely reason is they like certain key features about it. TrueCar sent out a survey recently to find out how many drivers loved their cars and why, and the results were pretty interesting.

Let’s explore the study and find out which type of vehicle is the most likely to be loved by owners, and why. 

A 2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness drives off-road in the desert.
2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness l Subaru of North America, Inc.

Which car owners are the most likely to love their car?

Out of all the respondents in the study TrueCar conducted regarding how well people liked their vehicles, 59% reported they loved their cars. Another 38% said they were just settling. They neither loved nor hated their vehicle, but it was enough to get them where they needed to go. 

The type of vehicles that are the most likely to have owners in love with them are hatchbacks and wagons. The study showed that 68% of the owners declared that they loved their wagons. That’s surprising since they have been phased out of most manufacturing lineups with only a few still in production. 

However, those that buy wagons know exactly what they’re looking for and it’s likely storage space. Wagons can have just as much if not more cargo space than an SUV. Some vehicles produced today are just wagons that have been transformed a bit to resemble a crossover, which is the second most loved vehicle type on the market. The Subaru Outback is a good example of that. 

Why do car owners love their vehicles?

The study showed a good percentage of car owners fell in love with their vehicles, but you might be wondering what reasons were given for them being in love with their daily driver. There are a few points that TrueCar shared when reporting on the results.

1. Comfortable

Car owners reported the vehicles they owned and loved were very comfortable to drive. While the study doesn’t go into detail about which vehicles the respondents owned, we can imagine quite a few cars, SUVs, and trucks that would be considered comfortable to drive. Luxury vehicles are probably the most loved when it comes to comfort. Take a BMW i4 M50 as one example.

2. Safety

The respondents shared they loved their vehicles because they felt safe driving it. Many of today’s newer cars and SUVs come with state-of-the-art safety equipment and features that make driving much safer than decades ago.

3. Reliability

Who wouldn’t want to spend good money on a vehicle that lasts a long time without having too many major issues? Some cars on the road nowadays lack severely in that department. A good portion of the respondents was able to find reliable cars to drive. 

Reasons some owners may hate their car

The study showed how many owners loved or liked their vehicle, but how many do you think hated their car? It might surprise you to know that only 3 percent of those that responded to the survey actually hated their vehicles. 

The reasons given for their dislike were:

1. Lacking features

The study showed that 26% of those that hated their vehicles said it was because it was missing some key features that other cars had. These would include items like Bluetooth connectivity and navigational systems.

2. Disliked the style

Another 8% of the respondents reported that they hated their vehicle because of the way it looked. It was just too ugly when you compare it to other cars on the market. 

It’s also interesting to note that while owners of German-made cars were likely to love them, they’re also likely to replace them quite quickly. The reasons given were that these vehicles were too expensive to maintain and the people that tend to buy them are more interested in the latest and greatest and would likely trade them off for the next big thing. 

Since TrueCar’s study revealed that these are the most likely to be loved, Wagons and hatchbacks are the most likely to win over their owners. That shouldn’t be too surprising since these vehicles tend to have the most space for storage and families are always looking for room to expand their hauls. 


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