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Ram is supposedly set to unveil the new Ram 1500 electric truck next month, but it looks like spy photographers are already catching some in action. With production slated to begin next year, it’s no surprise that the electric “Revolution,” as its tentatively been called, would be on the road. But, one thing that’s evident, this truck probably isn’t the sleek truck we envisioned with Stellantis talked about it this spring. Instead, these spy shots are likely just clever camouflage.

The new EV truck looks like a regular Big Horn

We can glean a few, if not that many, details from the spy pics. It looks like the charging port is hidden, but we can clearly see that the truck gets Ram’s unconventional (for a full-sized truck) but extremely smooth, independent rear suspension. Other than some stickers in the pics at, it looks like a regular Ram 1500 Big Horn truck. Unfortunately, there’s no video, so we can’t hear its lack of a combustion engine.

How powerful will the Ram EV be?

he new Ram Revolution Concept, which means “not-real yer,” truck will be shown at the L.A. Auto Show in November. But Ram’s CEO, Mike Koval Jr., now says the new Ram EV pickup prioritizes towing, hauling, and other core truck attributes. Koval said, “Trucks still need to do truck things,” as reported by the Detroit Free Press. He said that the new truck’s baseline range needs to be 300 to 350 miles. Ram is keeping those goals in mind as it develops the new truck, which was announced last spring. The new truck should debut in 2023 under the Revolution brand name.

Where Will the Ram EV be built?

The new electric Ram 1500 truck
The new all-electric Ram truck looks sleeker than previous Rams.

The new Ram EV will be built at the Windsor, Ontario, plant, which is north of Detroit. We also know that it will get built on Stellantis’s (Ram’s parent company) new skateboard-style architecture. That platform has motors in front and back, which means the truck will have all-wheel drive. In the handful of official images that Ram has shared, it looks to be more stylized that the Ford F-150 Lightning, which simply looks like an F-150 with a smooth grille.

How much will the Ram electric truck cost?

A black 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro at a worksite
2022 F-150 Lightning Pro | Ford

The Ram 1500 EV is probably going to compete directly with the Chevy Silverado EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning on its initial MSRP as well as capability. But, that means a large spread. When Ford launched the F-150 Lightning, we were promised a base Pro work truck to start at about $40,000. Chevy followed suit with the pricing of its EV. But, while Chevy is holding to its $40,000 base price, the Ford is now more than $50,000. So, a fair guesstimate for the Ram Revolution should be about $45,000.

All of these manufacturers are now making uber-expensive versions of their 2024 EV trucks trucks that cost upwards of $100,000. We expect Ram’s truck to top out near that figure in Limited trim, as well.