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The Ford Puma is coming to America! But wait…what is it? Is it like a Kia Sportage? Is it like the Ford EcoSport? No, it’s the SUV that has been driving around Europe for a few years now. So, let’s see why the Ford Puma is coming overseas and if it’s worth buying. 

The Ford Puma is Coming to America 

Can you hear the Ford Puma roar? Maybe not, because this little crossover is built on the Ford Fiesta platform, so that’s pretty nerve-racking. But spy shots have revealed the small SUV crossover has found its way here in the US. 

Ford Puma on display at auto show
Ford Puma

Rumors suggest that Ford is bringing the Puma over to fill in the gap in their small vehicle market. It will be a performance option to compete against the Chevy Trax and Hyundai Kona. Only instead of being able to go off-road like the Kona, it will be the first and only little performance SUV. Remember the Ford Fiesta ST? It could be returning as the Ford Puma ST.  

What we Know About the Ford Puma 

The Ford Puma is subcompact. It is slightly longer than the Ford EcoSport, but not as tall. The wider wheelbase creates more space and comfort for passengers in the backseat. The name Puma is supposed to lure us in, but the little SUV with massive headlights looks more like a beetle than a big murder cat. 

In Europe, the Ford Puma is paired with a 1.3 turbocharged three-cylinder engine and a 48-volt hybrid system. You can get the Puma with 123 or 153 horsepower and a manual transmission. However, Americans aren’t as excited about manual vehicles as Europeans are. So, Ford will likely introduce a new automatic version with a four-cylinder engine. 

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Ford has suggested that a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and diesel engine could be available with it soon as well. So far, the Ford Puma is only offered in front-wheel-drive, but an all-wheel-drive version would be interesting! 

Ford Puma Features 

The Ford Puma has some innovative features. For example, there is a ‘MegaBox’ beneath the floorboard to store your gear in. The material is robust and water-resistant, providing storage for wet and muddy gear. Plus, the MegaBox is removable, and it has a plug! You can open it to allow water to drain out if needed. 

Also, the cargo area box allows you to store items upright that are up to 45 inches tall. That provides plenty of space for house plants or golf clubs. Some interior options come with water-resistant, removable seat covers too. If you want to relax, go with the massaging seats. 

The dashboard is a typical Ford one with large knobs and plastic materials. You will find an 8” infotainment center mounted in the dash. Of course, it will connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with FordPass. A 12.3” digital cluster gauge, Wi-fi hotspot, and wireless charging are also available. 

Blue Ford Puma on display at auto show
Ford Puma

What Happened to MG?

In terms of safety, you’ll find all of the standard Ford features such as lane-keeping assistance, forward collision prevention, adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, and more. This will be one interesting option between the Ford EcoSport and Ford Escape, with a bold name. We can’t wait to learn more about it.