What RV Owners Need To Know About Mail Forwarding

If you decide to become a fulltime or most-time RV traveler, you are going to need a good support system. Personal relationships that will check in on you to make sure you are okay is great, but ensuring the flow of mail to the town you park your RV is critical too! If you are on the road constantly, moving your pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome from place to place, then receiving your mail is an issue. But, it does not have to be. 

Phone apps keep information flowing for RV nomads

A white travel trailer by Winnebago called the Micro Minni
Winnebago Micro Minnie Travel Trailer RV | Winnebago

Today, most people keep an eye on their accounts online through apps on their phones. That does a lot to lighten the deliveries in a physical mailbox. However, delivery of physical mail to a location you are currently at in a timely manner is still crucial. Submitting mail forwarding addresses at the post office is often not enough for those that like to move from town to town every few days or weeks. The frequent moves of the RV may cause latency in the mail reaching you as systems are updated with new addresses. 

The last thing you want to do is have a delay in getting a refund you are expecting from overpaying on your car insurance, or miss your end-of-year tax documents. So, a good modern mail forwarding service is a necessary ingredient in the RV traveler’s mix. This will ensure the timely delivery of mail pieces.

Mail forwarding services

In addition to the traditional United States Postal Service mail forwarding service, there are also RV mail forwarding services that can step in a do the same for you. They will gather your mail, hold it, and send it to an address you provide during a time frame you prefer. Or, modern technology has made it possible for mail forwarding services to make mail latency concerns almost disappear. Depending on the service, scanning your mail is possible, for a fee.

According to Carrie Todd, a Writer for RVShare

“Different services offer a variety of mail forwarding options. Some have online viewer functionality, which gives you the ability to view the sources of incoming mail online and decide which, if any, you want to have sent to you as a hard copy. Another option allows you to view copies of the actual pieces of mail, which are kept in a virtual storehouse of your incoming letters for future reference. Other options include mail scanning, junk mail sorting, and large package handling.”

Pricing of RV mail services is important too

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Technology provided by the various mail forwarding services is not the only part of the picture to look at, though. Pricing is worth looking at closely. For example, Cathie Carr has been involved with the RV industry for over 40 years and has learned the ins and outs of mail service. Regarding pricing, she advises to look closely at what is being offered for the price.

“There are obvious questions like how much will it cost, but not all fees show up on the surface. Find out if there are additional per-piece or mail volume fees on top of the monthly/annual fees. Look closely at the level of customer services they offer. For instance, can you have your mail forwarded per your wishes, including daily, weekly, monthly, or held until you call them and request it? Do they accept packages, certified mail, and medicines? If so, how do they process such items and what additional fees might be associated with them? Do they offer mail scanning services? If so, can you use those services only when you need them?” – Cathie Carr, Writer for Escapees RV Club. 

Peace of mind for the RV lifestyle

The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer RV is parked by a campfire.
The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer | Airstream

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Overall, an RV lifestyle can be a little more enjoyable if a person is not worried about their mail. So, RV mail services are a great thing to explore to see if they meet the type of lifestyle desired and the price point that is manageable. Then, sit back with peace of mind that nothing is being missed.