What Puts the “Pro” in the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X?

If you’re looking to do some serious off-roading, choosing a truck that’s up to the job can be a tough decision. A full-size truck may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re looking for something that will be able to fit on any trail you come across, it would be better to go with a more versatile midsize truck. One option that keeps coming back is the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, an interesting midsize truck that’s outfitted for off-roading adventures. But what is it about the Pro-4X that makes it a “Pro” and better than the other Frontier models?

The Pro-4X is Nissan’s off-road Frontier


Nissan’s lineup of Frontier trucks have five different trim options, with the Pro-4X topping the list at the highest price point. It features off-road additions that the other models don’t have, like skid plates, higher ground clearance, and a better suspension system. Combined, you get a great option for your next off-road adventure.

The Pro-4X’s skid plates are something that you’ll find on most other off-road trucks. They protect the truck’s undercarriage from rocky and difficult terrain. The Pro-4X’s skid plates cover the radiator, oil pan, transfer case, and the fuel tank. However, they’re missing one covering the transmission pan, whereas a majority of competitors have one there as well.

The Pro-4X comes equipped with a suspension made by Bilstein and gives it the best feeling ride when compared to the other Frontier models. While other models feel stiff, the Bilstein suspension makes the Pro-4X feel more confident on tricky trails and rocky terrain, and making you feel like you’re more in control of the ride.

Why go with the Pro-4X

Most of today’s trucks that are marketed as off-road are monsters. They’re huge and tough-looking, and can handle whatever elements you throw at them. The Pro-4X, on the other hand, is pretty tiny in comparison. But that’s not a bad thing, by any means. A smaller truck will fit on more narrow trails, you’ll get better gas mileage, and have more control if your trail starts to get away from you. That’s not to be overlooked.

That’s not to say that the Pro-4X has less power than its full-size off-roading competitors. Its 4.0-liter V6 engine gets 261 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque. It can still tow a maximum of 6,720 pounds and has 1,460 pounds of payload. That’s a lot of power to get out of a midsize truck. And it’s just plain fun to drive.

What do critics say?

While the Frontier Pro-4X has a lot going for it in a little package, it also gets a lot of criticism from truck enthusiasts. For one, the interior is extremely outdated compared to any of its competitors. It’s as if Nissan put in half the effort to keep up with the rest of the market. It added a touchscreen, but it’s only about 5.5 inches wide, the smallest out of any of its competition. The Pro-4X package comes with leather seats, an improvement on the rest of the Frontier lineup, but they’re still uncomfortable and the seating is cramped. And the gas mileage is average at best, getting 16/20 mpg city/highway, the same as many other full-size trucks.

While there’s a lot to unpack here with the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, there’s also a lot that can be improved upon. With a price tag around $34,000, this truck seems to be overpriced for the lack of comforts that come standard with a lot of other trucks for the same price. But, it’s a fun ride that should last for years to come.