What Models Does Toyota Offer the TRD Package On?

Toyota’s factory racing division has been involved in automobile racing worldwide since the 1950s. Toyota Racing Development was created in 1979 as a way to transfer years of knowledge related to performance acquired from their racing research and development team to its production automobiles.

TRD engineers strive to get the highest level of performance from production vehicles while maintaining the quality and reliability Toyota owners have come to expect. The 2020 model year continues this heritage with some well-known offerings but adds a newcomer that may surprise you.

The TRD Package

While TRD packages are designed specifically for the vehicles that will receive them, there are some features that are common across all platforms.

  • A purpose-tuned suspension
  • TRD-specific wheels and tires
  • Bold TRD graphics and styling
  • TRD badging on interior trim

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Probably the best-known wearer of the TRD badge is the Toyota Tacoma.  The Toyota Tacoma has a long history of providing dependable functionality that doesn’t break the bank. TRD builds upon the legendary Tacoma platform by enhancing off-road performance and capability.

The addition of Desert Air Intake allows for prolonged operation in dusty off-road environments. Aluminum skid plates provide protection for engine and drivetrain components from unseen hazards underneath the truck. While TRD badging is common, the Tacoma gets extra honors with light-up TRD Pro logos cast into the headlight housings.

The 2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

If your situation calls for more cargo and towing capacity while still maintaining off-road capability the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is worth a look. Some of the enhancements delivered by adding the TRD Pro Package to the Tundra platform include 18-inch forged aluminum wheels, a heavy-duty offroad suspension, 35-degree wide-angle fog lights, and TRD-tuned dual exhaust.

The 2020 4Runner TRD Pro

Toyota introduces the 4Runner TRD Pro at the Chicago Auto Show
The Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro | Scott Olson/Getty Images

If your needs lean more toward a midsize SUV with extraordinary off-road capabilities, then the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is going to be hard to beat. Much like the TRD Pro package upgrades common to Toyota’s pickup truck models, 4Runner TRD Pro models come equipped with aluminum skid plates, factory-tuned suspension, aluminum wheels, and unique TRD interior style. As an added bonus the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is also equipped with aggressive all-terrain tires designed for a safe comfortable ride and offroad capability. 

The 2020 Sequoia TRD Pro

The Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV that provides more room and towing capability than the 4Runner. The addition of the TRD Pro package results in an SUV that is not only capable of carrying your family while towing your trailer to the end of the road but can also keep going to campsites that might not be accessible by others.

The Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro features Toyota’s signature trademark “TOYOTA” grille insert and includes familiar upgrades such as forged aluminum wheels, aluminum skid plates, a factory-tuned suspension, and TRD interior style.

The 2020 Camry TRD

A new addition to the TRD family is the 2020 Toyota Camry TRD. The Camry TRD is equipped with a 301-hp 3.5-liter V6 and an eight-speed transmission that transmits power to all-season tires mounted on 19-inch TRD alloy wheels. TRD suspension modifications create a lowered center of gravity by 0.60 inches and a stiffer platform reducing torsional flex.

A custom-tuned cat-back exhaust system allows for enhanced performance and efficiency while providing a satisfying exhaust note through the custom polished stainless steel TRD-badged exhaust tips. A TRD aero kit provides aerodynamic body styling and is highlighted by red pinstriping and TRD badging in addition to a rear pedestal spoiler.

Red stitching is used throughout the interior from the TRD embroidered logo on the headrest to the steering wheel as a way to remind the occupants that attention to detail is as important to Toyota as it is to them.