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We’re noticing more and more C8 Corvettes in random crashes and shipping accidents. It seems like a disproportionate amount. But maybe it’s due to the allure surrounding the Corvette, or maybe anything C8-related is newsworthy. Either way, we’re happy to oblige. As with this dynamic combo if a Maserati crushing a brand new Corvette. 

A Maserati crushing a C8 Corvette has got to be a first

Corvette-Maserati crush | Facebook

There can be issues with transporting cars anytime. And it has been happening since cars were first arriving on the scene. But this one is special because it also involves a Maserati smashing a C8.

Found on Custom Corvettes Facebook page, it is hard to tell whether it was the fault of the operator or a malfunction. Either way, the Corvette is a total loss. But some enterprising and crafty individual will probably buy it at auction and graft a top section to the brand new Vette. 

So this C8 will have the distinction of being brand new but also have to be licensed with a salvage title. We doubt that happens too often. Had this been reversed with the Vette on the second ramp, it would have survived unscathed. Instead, it is the white Maser that makes out untouched. 

C8 Corvettes keep falling off of things

Corvette-Maserati crush
Corvette-Maserati crush | Facebook

But like we said, there have been other lift issues involving a new Corvette. Earlier this year a red C8 fell off of a car lift. Then a few months later a blue C8 befell the same fate. Since the new Vette has its weight biased to the rear with the mid-engine configuration, it tends to be an adventure when it is raised on a two-post lift. Both of these incidents involved that kind of lift. 

Most all replacement parts for C8 bodies are only available to Chevy dealerships, or to GM-approved repair shops. So if this Corvette is fixed the owner may have to have it handled by a Chevy dealer. For a do-it-yourselfer, that probably kills any dreams of driving his new Corvette carrying a secret.


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