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The Chrysler 300, like the Dodge Charger and Challenger, is heading to the Stellantis history books. However, before Stellantis does away with the American sedan’s greatest hits, a couple of special editions are hitting the streets, like the 300C. Still, what killed the affordable luxury sedan and its trims, like the Chrysler 300S? Also, what are your options if you still want a 300?

Is Chrysler 300 being discontinued?

Unfortunately, Chrysler is discontinuing the 300, including its 300S and newly reborn 300C trims. The culprit is industry change, specifically electrification and hybridization. The 300, just like the Charger and Challenger, will have to ditch the internal combustion engine (ICE) application if it hopes to make a comeback in the future. For instance, the Charger namesake could return with a production version of the new Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV

The Chrysler 300S is one of the top-tier Chrysler sedan's levels.
2022 Chrysler 300S | Stellantis

However, the Chrysler model isn’t going quietly; the marque is releasing a 485-horsepower limited edition 300C. Of course, the 300C isn’t the only trim in the lineup with a V8. The 300S also packs an optional 5.7L V8 as an upgrade to the 3.6L Pentastar V6. 

How much horsepower does a 300S V8 have?

One of the most tragic departures from Chrysler’s lineup is the death of the Chrysler 300S with the optional 363-horsepower Hemi V8. While 363 horsepower doesn’t sound like much compared to the special edition 300C’s 485 horsepower or the discontinued SRT8, it’s more than enough to turn the 300S into a proper muscle sedan. 

The Chrysler sedan is coming to an end soon.
2022 Chrysler 300S | Stellantis

Of course, potential owners who don’t want a thirsty V8 can opt for the Pentastar. Moreover, the 300S offers optional all-wheel drive (AWD) with the V6 only, just like the Dodge Charger. The AWD option makes it a good choice for driving in the snow compared to rear-wheel drive (RWD) sedans. 

When did they stop making 300S?

The Chrysler 300S hasn’t met its end quite yet; CNBC says Stellantis will discontinue the Chrysler and its Dodge sibling by the model year 2024. That’s unfortunate news for fans who grew to love the modern sedan over the course of its 18-year tenure. While the 300 as we know it is a rebirth of a classic nameplate, the familiar face of the current Chrysler sedan is heading to the chopping block. As a result, if we see the 300 return, it will undoubtedly come in the form of a hybridized or electrified sedan. 

The Chrysler 300S sedan will be discontinued soon.
2022 Chrysler 300S | Stellantis

What is Chrysler replacing the 300 with?

Chrysler hasn’t announced a replacement for the 300 yet. Moreover, Dodge hasn’t unveiled any plans for the next generation of Charger or Challenger. Instead, the Charger and Challenger are celebrating their sendoff with seven special edition “Last Call” models. The closest thing the 300 has to a Last Call model is the 300C with its 485-horsepower 6.4L Hemi V8. Unfortunately, the 300, including the 300S, heads to the automotive afterlife without the Hellcat treatment. 

Hopefully, given time, we’ll see a replacement for the 300 in the next generation of Stellantis companies. In the meantime, fans and enthusiasts have no shortage of preowned options to explore from the LX and LD generation of sedans.


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