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What is Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE? If you’re in the market for a new VW model, you might notice that many come with IQ.DRIVE. There are several different things the system provides to its owners. Let’s take a look at the features included with Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE, like driver-assist and safety features.

Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE is safety features

A silver Volkswagen Tiguan comes with IQ.DRIVE, the suite of safety and technology features from VW.
2022 Volkswagen Tiguan | Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Firstly, a few safety features are included in the Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE suite. Furthermore, a rear traffic alert is excellent for backing up in any situation. This feature uses sensors around the vehicle’s exterior to detect when a vehicle is crossing your path while reversing. As a result, the system will set off an alert to tell the driver to stop. Additionally, it will begin applying the brakes if the person behind the wheel hasn’t done so quickly enough.

Next, IQ.DRIVE comes with Emergency Assist. This feature determines if a driver is no longer operating the vehicle by monitoring steering wheel activity. Moreover, if the driver is inactive for any reason, it will alert them multiple times in case of sleeping. However, if they remain unresponsive, the Emergency Assist will bring the vehicle to a controlled stop.

Finally, Travel Assist is included with IQ.DRIVE. TA is a hands-on semi-autonomous driving assistant to help with steering, acceleration, braking, and staying in your lane. Drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel for the system to work. As such, cameras and sensors keep the vehicle centered in its lane and maintains a preset distance from the car in front of you.

Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE is driver-assist features

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 comes with IQ.DRIVE, the suite of driver assist and safety technology features from VW.
The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro electric SUV parked on a city street | Volkswagen

Firstly, Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE uses Lane Assist to help drivers stay in their lane. When moving over 37 mph, usually on a highway, the Lane-Keeping System will sense if the driver begins drifting to either side without a turn signal active. Lane Assist will steady the vehicle in its lane if the driver is inattentive, asleep, or not keeping the VW straight for another reason.

Next, Front Assist is Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE’s forward-collision warning. It monitors traffic to help prevent the driver from colliding with the car ahead of them. When an imminent collision is detected, Autonomous Emergency Braking kicks in, which will help the driver activate the brakes or stop the vehicle on its own if necessary. Additionally, this feature has Pedestrian Monitoring, which does the same thing for people crossing the street.

Next, Adaptive Cruise Control is part of the suite of features. Like many other vehicles, this technology automatically allows the car to maintain a preset speed and distance to vehicles ahead. Sensors detect speed changes to maintain the same distance no matter the behavior of other cars.

Finally, IQ.DRIVE comes with an Active Blind Spot Monitor. One of the best driver-assist features available, it alerts drivers of things on the road they might miss. When changing lanes or turning, a BSM will see vehicles or anything else in the driver’s blind spot they might’ve missed.

Which Volkswagen models have IQ.DRIVE?


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According to Volkswagen, select vehicles have the IQ.DRIVE suite of features for 2022. Popular models like the ID.4, Atlas Cross Sport, Atlas, Tiguan, Taos, Arteon, Golf GTI, and Golf R all house the technology. Purchasers of any of these vehicles will be safer using the suite.

In conclusion, VW’s suite of safety and technology features is excellent. Overall, it provides many safety and driver-assistance features other automakers charge extra for. Luckily, it’s available in most of the 2022 Subaru lineup. What is Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE?