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Bugatti has been on a tear making several special cars in the last few years. The Bolide, the Mistral, Divo and others are showing what the company can do. They all look like nothing else on the road and are worth $5 million apiece. Despite all the hype and all of the new models, Bugatti essentially only makes one car.

The Bugatti Chiron is the newest Bugatti you can buy

More on the Bolide and Mistral later. But first, the Chiron is really the only car that Bugatti makes that you can buy and drive new. There are so many different versions of the Chiron, it’s easy to think that Bugatti sells dozens of cars. Take a deep breath, Bugatti made all of these versions: Chiron Sport, Chiron Pur Sport, Super Sport, Super Sport 300+, Divo, 110 ANS, Noire, Noire Elegance, La Coiture Noire, and Centodieci. Beyond that, the company made several one-off versions including the Number One, the L’ebe, and others.

That’s a lot of special editions for a car with a production run of just 500 for the entire world. Sadly, production is “complete” on all of the cars, according to CNN and we’ll have to wait to see what the company builds next. But, we can be sure that it will be fast, look weird, and go like stink. They will also be electric under new ownership.

The Mistral is more than just a roofless Chiron

A 2023 Bugatti Mistral
The upcoming Bugatti Mistral roadster | Bugatti

The Chiron platform is proving to be quite versatile. For 2024, Bugatti will say “au revoir” to the W16 motor that has powered every Bugatti (in different states of tune) since it debuted in the 2004 Veyron. The final Chiron-based car to hit the road will be the Mistral, which is a moderately restyled and roofless version of the Chiron.

Too bad all 99 of Bugatti’s Mistral’s are spoken for. But, at $5 million each, it’s not like we could have put applied to buy one (yes, applied). Bugatti styled the exterior of the Mistral like that of the special-edition Divo, which gives its front end a pinched elongated feel. The interior hasn’t changed much.

Fun Fact: The Chiron is named for racing driver Louis Chiron who won the French Grand Prix in 1931.

The Bolide is the ultimate W16 car

A black Bugatti Bolide on a race track
A black Bugatti Bolide testing on a race track | Bugatti

While the Bolide looks radically different from the Chiron, it’s not entirely a different car. It uses the same engine as the Chiron, and it’s tuned the same way the motor is in the Chiron Super Sport or Centodieci versions, which is to say, bonkers. Bugatti plans on making just 40 Bolides.

The W16 has 1478 horsepower. That’s almost nine Toyota Corollas of power, but since it costs $5 million, it’s like buying 227 new Corollas. Bugatti designed the Bolide, however, for track duty. That means that this you can’t roll up to the club and profile in a Bolide, unless the club is adjacent to the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. But, it’s the lightest, strongest, and most aggressive car ever from Bugatti and will likely set many, many, records.  


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