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Honda is well-known for making some of the best cars on the market today. This is true for the sedans that Honda offers and it’s also true for Honda’s SUVs. Not only are they great cars, but Honda also offers a lot of options for them. Here’s a look at the best trim available on the Honda CR-V.

Why choose the Honda CR-V in the first place

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The CR-V is one of Honda’s most popular models and it’s earned that right for many reasons. But the simplest reason why the CR-V continues to be so popular and beloved is that it’s just a great SUV in general. It does everything that an SUV should be doing, and not only does it do those things well, but it also does them affordably. 

For example, Honda offers a lot of features on the CR-V. Not only are there a lot of standard features, but Honda also offers a lot of optional features. On top of that, Honda is well-known for how safe and reliable its cars are. The CR-V is no different, and the CR-V is not only very reliable, but it’s also extremely safe as well. 

As a result of these things, many customers are choosing to buy a CR-V. Furthermore, many of those customers are very satisfied with their choice. That’s another area that the CR-V is great at, and it’s one of the reasons why the CR-V continues to do so well. 

What trims are available on the CR-V

While the standard CR-V is great, Honda offers several trims for it. Edmunds says that the CR-V has four trims available to it, including the basic LX trim. These are the EX trim, the EX-L trim, and the Touring trim. 

The LX trim is the standard trim for the CR-V. It’s the most affordable trim, and while it has a lot of standard features, it does have the least amount of standard features compared to the other trims.

The EX trim has more features than the LX trim and the EX-L trim is the more luxurious version of the EX trim. Both are more expensive than the LX trim, and the EX-L trim is more expensive than the EX trim.

Finally, the Touring trim is the most expensive and luxurious trim of them all. Starting at the EX trim, Honda offers a touch screen display on the CR-V. The infotainment system of these trims will also improve, and Honda offers several other infotainment upgrades such as having more premium speakers. That said, one trim is the best trim of them all.

Why the Honda CR-V EX trim is the best

The EX trim, like Edmunds says, gives you more features than the LX trim does while not costing as much as the EX-L or the Touring trims do. These additional features, such as a touch screen display, heated front seats, a sunroof, and a blind spot monitoring system, will make the CR-V far better equipped than the LX trim is, all without breaking the bank. 

The EX-L adds a lot of luxury features to the EX trim, such as leather seats and a fancier stereo system, but Edmunds doesn’t think that most people need those things. The Touring trim offers even more luxury features, but once again, Edmunds doesn’t think that they’re really necessary. 

On top of that, while the EX trim is clearly better than the basic LX trim, it’s also not too expensive. Edmunds says that the LX model starts at about $24,600. For comparison, the EX trim starts at about $27,000. The price difference between the two trims is about $2,500, and Edmunds thinks that the EX trim is definitely worth that reasonable premium.