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Oh, Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is nothing new. However, for many people, it might as well be. We have seen quite the tumultuous scene unfold with the stock market and currencies over the past year. While some folks have gotten silly rich from buying and selling Bitcoin, many have also lost their shirts. But since Bitcoin is the flavor of the day, what is the best new car you can buy with Bitcoin today? A 2021 Ford Bronco? A 2021 Mazda Miata? Hell, some days, it could get you halfway to a Mercedes G Wagen. 

The 2021 Ford Bronco slides through the sand proving its one of the best manual cars available in 2021
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

How much is Bitcoin worth? 

As of right now, Bitcoin is hovering right around the $31,000 mark (give or take a few hundred dollars). The value of the coin ebbs and flows but, ultimately, the blockchain tech keeps the cyber money finite and rare, meaning as long as there is interest in the stuff, it should have some value. 

As Gear Patrol mentioned, after Elon Musk announced that people could buy Teslas with Bitcoin, the price skyrocketed to over $60,000 per coin. He then retracted his acceptance of the digi-money a few months later, splitting the value of the cryptocurrency in half. And it has remained around $30,000 since. 

The 2021 Ford Bronco might be the best new car to buy for the price of a Bitcoin

A 2021 Ford Bronco climbing a trail, the Bronco is a new car being sold over list price
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

This new Bronco has been one of, if not the most anticipated cars we have seen in a very long time. Between the near-constant delays, chip shortages, and the long, slow build of normal promotional campaigns. The results are a killer throwback SUV that 4×4 fans have been waiting on for over two years. Technically, the 2021 Ford Bronco was announced in 2019 and debuted in July of 2020. But deliveries only started last week, and wait times are still over a year to get one. 

Besides the fact that you literally can’t buy and drive home a 2021 Ford Bronco right now, it is the best new car you can buy with one Bitcoin. 

What kind of 2021 Ford Bronco can you get for $31,000? 

A yellow 2021 Ford Bronco off-roading over rocks serves as a reminder that this is the coolest car you can buy right now with one bitcoin
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

Not much of one, but you still can technically do it. The Bronco has a pile of very cool options and configurations; however, we are looking at the base model with current Bitcoin prices. You can snag a two-door model with the base I4 engine and a stick shift (once they’re in stock) and drive away in a 2021 Ford Bronco for $30,640, including destination fees. 

Although a Bitcoin won’t get you the Sasquatch or the bigger V6 engine, the base-model two-door is pretty rad. The good news about the base model with the smaller engine is that it is the one that comes with the seven-speed manual gearbox. Also, at this price, this is still a truck you could actually go off-roading without the constant gut-wrenching worry of scratching a $50,000 truck. 

Is the 2021 Ford Bronco the best new car? 

Now that the 2021 Ford Bronco has been tested and some people actually own one, we have seen the new Bronco prove itself many times. The Bronco is getting rave reviews, and most recently, it even crawled up Hell’s Gate in Moab in reverse.

We won’t know about its toughness or reliability for a while yet, but we know that it is a strong off-roader, and if you keep the spec sheet empty, it can be the best new car you can buy with one Bitcoin. 


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