What Is the Best Car For Rally Driving?

Rally driving can be a lot of fun and also very dangerous at the same time. If you’re looking to get started in rally driving, then there are several rally driving schools across the nation that can get you going. Luckily, they provide their own cars in which to teach students the art of rally driving, however, if you’re looking for a car that you drive every day and perhaps use to practice, then there are multiple cars to choose from.

Just in case you want to start rally driving

DirtFish, located in Washington, is one of the most well-known rally driving schools in the country. Now, keep in mind that if you attend a school like DirtFish, you’re likely going to get hooked on it and, in turn, will want to set out to find your own rally car to run in events. On the DirtFish website, they have compiled a list of 10 different cars that they recommend for getting started in rally driving. Just remember that chances are, if you get a rally car of your own, you’re probably going to crash it at some point, so stick with something cheaper and older. Here are some of the cars that they recommend.

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A naturally aspirated Subaru Impreza

Since turbocharged cars, like a Subaru WRX, can be pricey to maintain as turbos have been known to explode when put through a lot of use, DirtFish recommends that you get a naturally aspirated Subaru Impreza. More specifically, the GC chassis, which is the first generation Impreza that was produced from 1991 to 2000. Luckily, these Imprezas are actually not too hard to find as we found many listed nationwide on Cargurus from $1,000 to $3,000. While they are pretty inexpensive, just note that they are older cars, so some repairs and upkeep may be required upon purchase.

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2000 subaru impreza
2000 Subaru Impreza | Wikimedia Commons

A Honda Fit or Civic

This one might sound surprising considering most rally cars that you see on TV are Subarus or at least something with an all-wheel drivetrain. However, a tried-and-true Honda Civic or Honda Fit can do the trick. Aside from being lightweight and reliable, the beauty of both of these cars is that parts for them are ubiquitous and very inexpensive, which means that they are also easy to maintain and repair. Don’t count Hondas out from rally driving just because they are front-wheel-drive!

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1995 honda civic
1995 Honda Civic | Wikimedia Commons

Subaru BR-Z, Scion FR-S, or Toyota 86

We just had to include a rear-wheel-drive platform to this list as well in case you’re still only thinking about driving with all four wheels. Sure, having a rear-drive car can be a handful in the turns and it might take a little more skill, however, they definitely rotate well and get the job done in the dirt. One of the best suggestions would be the Subaru BR-Z, Scion FR-S, or Toyota 86 (yes, we know they are all the same car) due to their low horsepower rating, which won’t get you into as much trouble. Also, DirtFish uses this platform as part of its school fleet due to its reliability and strength.

2014 Subaru BR-Z
2014 Subaru BR-Z | Wikimedia Commons

Choose whatever fits your needs and your budget

Those were just a few of the recommend cars for getting started in rally driving, but the most important part of selecting the right one for you is to pick one that best suits your needs and your budget. We know, it’s tempting to get the best car you can find, but if you know that it might get wrecked or need some repairs from the get-go, then it might not be the best choice. Either way, have fun, choose well, and stay safe!