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Although it was developed right around the same time as Lexus and Infiniti, Acura was the first Japanese luxury car brand to launch in the U.S. Ever since it launched in 1986, Acura has been operating as Honda’s luxury brand delivering premium cars, SUVs, and sports cars that are legitimately luxurious with Honda-like quality and reliability.

Acura tends to attract buyers looking for something both practical and luxurious at a price that won’t break the bank. With that in mind, it’s not surprising which model is the brand’s best-seller.

Red 2023 Acura MDX SUV
2023 Acura MDX | Acura

The Acura MDX is by far the most popular model in the brand’s lineup. In fact, the MDX alone makes up more than 40% of the total sales volume for Acura in the U.S. According to data from GoodCarBadCar, Acura has sold 20,981 units of the MDX so far this year.

For comparison, it sold 9,382 RDX SUVs and 11,100 Integra sedans in the same period.

To recap, the Acura MDX is a midsize 3-row luxury SUV. It shares a platform with the Honda Pilot, and it’s powered by a trusty J-Series Honda V6 engine. It has the same standard 3.5-liter V6 engine as the Pilot, but the Type S model packs a more powerful punch with a 355-horsepower turbocharged V6.

Critics have praised the MDX for its luxurious interior, comfortable ride, and legitimate driving thrills in the Type S trim. Its standard third row of seats is a little tight, but compared to most rivals in its class, the Acura MDX is one of the more family-friendly options in premium SUVs. Families also appreciate its IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating.

Why is the Acura MDX so popular?

The Acura MDX is popular because it’s a practical and well-rounded luxury SUV with a reasonable price tag starting at just under $50k. It’s cheaper and roomier than European rivals like the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, and Audi Q7, and the Acura offers a lot of standard features.

For drivers who care about value and reliability more than brand panache and sport driving dynamics, this is a winning proposition.

Another factor contributing to the success of the MDX is that it’s one of the brand’s longest-running models. It’s currently in its fourth generation, and it’s been around since the 2001 model year. There’s a good chance that many potential MDX owner in 2023 aren’t looking at their first MDX.


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