What Is It Like to Drive the Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is one of Tesla’s more affordable vehicles and is a great way to get into a full-electric car. Elon Musk and his team have made constant efforts to put their best foot forward when it comes to creating a great driving experience, like all of the fun easter eggs they’ve given customers. It seems like we’ve been waiting for the Tesla Model Y for a while now, but now that it’s finally hitting the road after a constant delay, what is it actually like to drive the long-awaited Tesla Model Y?

Highlights of the Tesla Model Y test drive

The Model Y offers the same user-friendly experience that you’d expect from a Tesla, and the driving experience boarders between luxurious and high-tech in all of the best ways. The suspension is responsive enough to expertly handle bumps and dips in the road without jostling passengers more than necessary, and the vehicle is well insulated to give you a quiet, relaxing ride.

Tesla Model Y driving away from the city
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

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To improve the driving experience and increase safety, the Model Y is decked with all of the latest safety tech. Cameras equipped all over the car help the driver and the car’s computer to understand what is going on around them, even in blind spots where it’s hard to see. Most of the safety features for the car enhance the driving experience, but there is one that is also the car’s downfall.

There were some let downs to the Model Y, too

According to Consumer Reports the biggest frustration for the Model Y isn’t anything to do with the car’s interior or suspension, but rather one particular feature. The Model Y is equipped with a new technology, called Traffic Light and Stop Sign Controls. The name is pretty self-explanatory — it tells the car to stop at stop signs and traffic lights, and it’s to help ensure the driver doesn’t miss a beat. The problem with this feature is that it usually stops at intersections regardless of what color the light is unless the driver overrides the system.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk walks beside the new Tesla Model Y
The Tesla Model Y | US Auto

Unfortunately, we don’t see the reliability in Tesla that we were hoping for, and this isn’t the first car that we have expected to see problems with. Because this is the first generation for the Model Y we expected there to be areas that need improvements. For this luxurious electric vehicle, we are pretty happy with its first year in production, and we can only hope that — like previous updates — the Tesla will continue to improve the Model Y.

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Overall the Tesla Model Y definitely lived up to expectations, and we are excited to see the line of Teslas continue to grow. The Model Y, like every other car, has some strengths, but nothing is perfect. There are a few tweaks that could make the car perfect, but so far we aren’t disappointed.