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Are you dreaming of a G Class Mercedes-Bens and wonder what your most cost-effective option is? The truth is that the Mercedes G Class has just two trims: a regular G Wagon and the AMG-tuned version. The current G 550’s MSRP is $139,900. The bad news is that even used examples of the second generation of the Mercedes G Wagon (2019-present) are commanding more than MSRP. The good news is that the first generation ran for so long (2002-2018) that these used Mercedes G Wagons can be surprisingly cheap.

How much is a brand-new G Wagon?

The cheapest Mercedes-Benz G Class is the G 550, which has an MSRP of $139,900. This is not an entry-level trim, by most definitions. It features the turbocharged V8/AWD powertrain and even comes with a leather interior. The next trim begins at $179,000.

This new, black Mercedes-Benz G Wagon parked with some Ferrari luxury cars will command a high value on the used market.
2019-present Mercedes-Benz G-Class | Dima Panyukov via Unsplash

The G 550 is only considered the base G Wagon because Mercedes-Benz also offers an AMG-tuned supertruck: the Mercedes-AMG G 63. There’s even a factory lifted version (the G 63 4×4 squared which rides on portal axles) starting at $349,000. You might say there’s no truly “cheap” G Wagon available.

By all accounts, the first-ever redesign of the G Wagon was a success. The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class features a wider cabin, excellent infotainment, and more responsive steering thanks to independent front suspension. At the same time, it kept the rugged good looks of its predecessor. The result is that there has been substantial demand and long wait lists.

Many dealers marked up 2019, 2020, and 2021 G Wagons. In some cases, drivers paid twice MSRP. This bubble is keeping used Mercedes G Wagon prices high.

How much is a used 2nd generation Mercedes G Wagon?

The 2019-present G Class is considered the SUV’s second generation. These models are holding their value very well, with some reselling for more than their MSRP was when new. You likely won’t find a used 2019, 2020, 2021, or 2022 used Mercedes G Wagon for less than $100k.

Used Mercedes-Benz G Wagon SUV parked on a grassy field, a river and tree-line visible in the background.
Mercedes-Benz G Class | Patrick Kip via Unsplash

The good news is that it appears that the lightly used Mercedes G Wagon bubble is finally bursting. The value of every model year of second-generation G Wagon dropped more than 20% since last year, but many are still worth more than they were new. You will have to go all the way back to 2016 to find a used Mercedes G Wagon model year that resells for less than $100k on average—according to CarGurus.

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How much is a classic G Wagon?

Mercedes-Benz began selling the G Class in the U.S. in 2002. These early G Wagons don’t have nearly the horsepower of the current ones, but they look at home on today’s roads and–with locking differentials–are very capable on the trail. Examples in good condition sell for around $40k, sometimes even less.

A two-door, used Mercedes-Benz G wagon in blue, parked in front of a wall of graffiti.
Mercedes-Benz G-Class | Lowie Vanhoutte via Unsplash

My colleague Matthew Skwarczek reported that a used G-Wagon can be surprisingly affordable. He revealed that many off-road enthusiasts imported pre-2002 G Wagons, and some early model years resell for just a few thousand dollars.

Note that Mercedes-Benz redesigned its foreign-market G Class for 1990, so there’s a big difference in the imported G Wagons from before and after that generational divide. One of the reasons that these early, military-spec G Wagons are so cheap is that they are true classic cars and require maintenance as such. But if the sound of that interests you, an early G Wagon might offer excellent value.

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