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You may have heard someone refer to a Tesla owner or enthusiast as a “Tesla-stan.” After all, drivers have Tesla, car clubs, coffee groups, forums, flags, and Elon Musk super fans, just to name a few. However, what does the term Tesla-stan mean, and are there other automaker “stans” out there?

What is a stan?

A “stan” serves as a portmanteau-esque mash-up of the terms “super” and “fan,” but that’s not its origin. According to HowToGeek, it comes from a 2001 Eminem song about an overly enthusiastic fan. As you might imagine, there are super fans for just about anything from music to TV to art. 

The auto industry is no exception; there are Ford-stans, Nissan-stans, and even Tesla-stans. Frankly, it doesn’t stop there; Jalopnik discovered that there are also Elon Musk super fans. 

The Tesla Model 3 has inspired many a Tesla-stan and many Elon Musk super fans.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Are there really Tesla-stans?

If you pay any attention to social media, Tesla-stans are the real deal. Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky learned first-hand that Tesla-stans mean business. In his 100-minute interview with lawyer and self-identifying Tesla-stan Warren Redlich, Torchinsky revealed that Tesla super fans like Redlich could be quick to use a binary “a fierce attack-and-defend mode” to defend the company and the visionary they hold most dear. Of course, not all of the automaker’s fans are this invested or think of Elon Musk as some sort of infallible technological guide into the future.

Still, Tesla-stans exist. Some fans won’t hear a rebuttal to the claim that the S, 3, X, and Y lineup are the greatest cars ever. Arguments aside, Tesla has a global reach, many loyal fans, and a product that changed the automotive industry. 

Why would a Tesla owner become a stan?

As with any automaker’s vehicles, Tesla’s lineup is not without its issues. However, it is easy to see why so many people would fawn over Musk’s California EVs. First, the Tesla Model S Plaid is quite simply one of the fastest accelerating cars ever made. According to MotorTrend, the Plaid will smash a pantomime-free sprint to 60 mph in just 1.98 seconds under favorable conditions. That’s cool, even for a knuckle-dragging muscle car fan like me. 

Also, the Long Range models like the Model 3 Long Range promise an EV range of 358 miles. Should you be able to reconcile an EV with your lifestyle (think initial cost and charging), a range like that will conquer nearly any commute. 

Is it just Tesla-stans, or do other automakers have super fans?

Super fans aren’t unique to Tesla. At the macro level, there are general EV-stans and ICE-stans who would love to see the other disappear. At the micro level, there are individual automaker super fans, like die-hard Ford fans, who would rather ride a bicycle than drive a Chevrolet.

Elon Musk is one of the reasons why Tesla super fans become Tesla-stans.
Elon Musk shrugs on stage in Shanghai | STR, AFP via Getty Images

Furthermore, there are super fans for individual models, like the Toyota Supra. Where there’s a focus, there’s a fanatic. 

Should you buy a Tesla?

Should you buy a Tesla? Yes. If you want a Tesla, have the means without overextending yourself, and live in such a way that an EV won’t serve as an unnecessary inconvenience, go for it. However, I implore you to do so without being a militant stan. 

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