What if the Tesla Cybertruck and a Toyota Supra Had a Baby?

OK, yes. I know how weird this sounds. But really, what if the Tesla Cybertruck and a Toyota Supra had a baby? What would it look like? What would it do? Check out this crazy rendering of an insane SUV concept car.

An image of a Toyota Supra driving down the street.
Toyota Supra | Toyota

Well, It would look weird and futuristic for sure. The Tesla Cybertruck already has that going for it. As for what it would do, we aren’t quite sure. Still, we can muse. And thanks to this fun look at a Karlmann King inspired concept car called the Cyber Supra, we get to imagine whatever we want after seeing its image.

The Tesla Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck with incredible performance figures.
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck and the Toyota Supra blend together in an unprecedented fashion

Actually based on the ultra-luxurious Karlmann King SUV, this Cyber Supra still harkens to the Cybertruck with its name. Plus, it looks a little bit Tesla Cybertruck-ish. According to Yanko Design, this intensely angular concept car is the work of the Instagram user @flathat3d.

the Cyber Supra SUV rendering
Cyber Supra Concept | flathat3d via Yanko Design

“The core essence of this very sharp automotive design inspired by the most luxurious SUV on the planet – ‘Karlmann King’, it looks absolutely bonkers – fit for a Cybertruck lover.”

Guarav Sood | Yanko Design

This concept is based on the bulletproof Karlmann King SUV. However, while it has multi-million dollar SUV inspiration, we remain reminded of the Tesla Cybertruck. From the angles to the serious metallic finish, it’s no secret where the inspiration for the name Cyber Supra comes from.

“It is a Toyota Supra morphed into a hybrid Karlmann King and Cybertruck clone.”

Guarav Sood | Yanko Design
side view of this unique and angular concept car
Cyber Supra Concept | flathat3d via Yanko Design

Sood writes that the concept “makes no logical sense at all.” We agree. However, there’s no fun in always sticking to the logical side of things. Sometimes wild fantasies are fun. That’s what makes concept cars so awesome.

Hmmm, what would a crazy expensive 4×4 SUV look like smashed onto a Toyota Supra chassis? No matter that it’s a strange thing to wonder. In the right hands, design software easily makes wonderings like this into a visually stimulating picture of fiction. Thankfully so in this case, because now we get to see this ridiculous imagining of the Cyber Supra. A Karlmann King on a Toyota Supra Chassis. You know, because we all need a $1 million bulletproof 4×4 Supra.

Cyber Supra SUV Concept
Cyber Supra Concept | flathat3d via Yanko Design

What is a Karlmann King?

The Karlmann King is a limited production, ultra-luxury SUV. According to GearJunkie, only 9 were made. It’s a bulletproof 4×4 unit that uses only the highest quality materials for every inch of its geodescent body. But it doesn’t stop there. The Karlmann King costs 3.8 million or more if we go by the GearJunkie report.


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So these beastly bulletproof marauders are reserved strictly for the 1%. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t inspiring. It’s just that vein of inspiration that brought about the ridiculous concept of a Karlmann King SUV crossover built on a Toyota Supra chassis.

While the Karlmann King has a Ford 6.8-liter V10 powering its wheels, we can really only guess what might be inside the Cyber Supra. Is it electric? Hybrid? V12? We’ll probably never know but that’s half the fun.