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Tesla has been expanding its market share by introducing innovative EVs, but the company has also dabbled in other areas. One of the most common examples is the Powerwall, a home charging solution. But a less successful example is the Cyberquad, an electric ATV. Here’s a look at the Tesla Cyberquad, its kid-friendly version, and what’s been happening with the long-promised electric ATV.

What the Tesla Cyberquad was promised to be and what’s been released so far

What happened to the Tesla Cyberquad
Cyberquad for Kids | Radio Flyer

In late 2019, Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, the company’s upcoming electric pickup truck, to much fanfare. The presentation had many memorable moments, one of which happened at the end. Right before CEO Elon Musk concluded the presentation, he briefly revealed an electric ATV, the Cyberquad.

The Cyberquad fit perfectly in the back of the Cybertruck, but other than that, Tesla revealed few further details about the electric ATV. However, the company planned to release the Cybertruck alongside the Cyberquad, with the latter being an available option for the pickup. 

Unfortunately, the Cybertruck has seen multiple delays. The vehicle has been pushed back for so long that Tesla’s rivals have since released electric pickup trucks. It’s still unclear when the Cybertruck will see the light of day.

The Cyberquad has faced similar issues, experiencing numerous delays.

According to Eletrek, Tesla filed for a trademark to use the name “Cyberquad” for ATVs, land vehicles, and electric vehicles. But after two extensions, the trademark expired last year because the EV maker hadn’t used it commercially. However, Tesla filed for a new Cyberquad trademark on May 7, 2023.

The Cyberquad for Kids quickly sold out

To sate fans, Tesla partnered with Radio Flyer, a toy company specializing in wagons, scooters, and other children’s vehicles. The fruit of this partnership was the Cyberquad for Kids, released in December 2021. As its name suggested, it was a smaller version of the Cyberquad, intended as a children’s toy.

The Cyberquad for Kids was a motorized ride-on toy selling for around $1,900, about average for a small ATV. Fans quickly bought up all 5,000 units, CNN reports. But because it was a toy, its specs weren’t very impressive.

The Cyberquad for Kids had a top speed of 10 mph and a range of 15 miles. It took about five hours to recharge completely. The toy weighed just over 120 pounds and could carry children weighing up to 150 pounds. It featured cushioned seats, an adjustable suspension, and a steel frame. Most notable, it had an exterior design similar to the full-sized Cyberquad.

What happened to the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids?

Although the Cyberquad for Kids was a sales success, it faced a safety recall that doomed the popular toy. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled the EV in October 2022. The CPSC believed the Cyberquad for Kids met the legal definition of a youth ATV. Therefore, the toy was subject to safety requirements the Cyberquad for Kids didn’t meet.

Examples of those safety requirements included having a mechanical suspension and the fact that the company was obligated to provide safety training and information to customers. Due to this recall, the CPSC recommends owners disable and dispose of the product. Radio Flyer gave buyers a full refund and $50 to dispose of the toy. 


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