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The Edge is one of Ford’s best-selling SUVs, offering space and versatility at an affordable price. But as one of America’s favorite family haulers, is the Ford Edge as reliable as it appears? Here are some of the most common problems Ford Edge owners face and how much it costs to repair the midsize SUV. 

What are the most common Ford Edge problems?

Most common Ford Edge problems
A 2015 Ford Edge | Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Of all the complaints found on Car Complaints, most fall into the same category: electrical problems. In fact, “electrical problems” is the most common Ford Edge problem category. These common Edge electrical problems cost $300 to fix and occur as early as 66,000 miles. The worst model years for this problem category are 2011-2013, which receive an unimpressive 247, 120, and 380 complaints about electrical issues, respectively.

The first- and second-worst-ranked overall problems for the Ford Edge also fall into the electrical category. The 2011 Edge has a massive 227 (out of 415 total) complaints regarding the door-ajar light staying on, earning a severity rating of 7.7 (out of 10) and a spot as the second-worst ranked problem. But the same electrical problem is also responsible for the worst overall ranked issue.

The 2013 Ford Edge takes the top spot, with an astonishing 370 complaints about the door-ajar light staying on. Out of 591 complaints for the 2013 model year, there are significantly more complaints in the “electrical problems” category than any other.

Though this light problem ranks as the top two worst problems across all model years, owners are also experiencing plenty of other electrical issues. Other owners also complain about the battery going dead, computer software not working correctly, the battery not holding a charge, and more. The cost of repairing these electrical issues is inexpensive compared to other possibilities but also tends to indicate (and lead to) more problems throughout the car.

Does the Ford Edge have transmission problems?

There aren’t as many complaints with the Ford Edge’s transmission as with its electrical systems, but these transmission problems tend to be more severe for owners. In fact, the 2008 Ford Edge’s transmission problem was its third-worst problem across all model years.

Nearly 20 owners have experienced transmission failure with their 2008 models, averaging around 80,000 miles. But its high average repair cost of almost $3,000 earns it a severity rating of 9.1 (out of 10). Though other model years receive some transmission complaints, most reside with the 2008 Ford Edge, which also receives complaints of transmission slipping and transmission noise.

Do some Ford Edge model years perform better than others?

On the model year comparison of the Ford Edge, it’s clear that owners are having more problems with some model years than others. The 2013 model is ranked as the worst model year, with the most overall complaints of an unimpressive 591.

But while the 2013 Edge receives significantly more complaints than any other, quite a few model years are close to catching up. The 2011 Ford Edge gets the second-most complaints at 415, while the 2012 model year receives 208.

While some model years seem to be only excelling in its number of complaints, there are some model years that have proved more reliable for owners. For example, model years 2009 and 2010 only have 19 and 47 complaints, respectively. All other model years until 2017 have at least 50 complaints under their belts. Newer model years like 2017 and 2018 are faring well, with 14 and 7 complaints from owners, respectively.


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