What Features Come Standard on the Mazda CX-5?

The Mazda CX-5 is hungry to earn its place in the sporty and comfortable small crossover SUV category. It competes with top rivals like Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, and Toyota RAV4. You might be considering a trade-in this year and weighing your options.

The Mazda CX-5 offers a sleek design and is fun behind the wheel. What might be helpful to make your decision is learning more about what comes standard with this small but mighty crossover. We dove in to highlight everything you need to know about standard equipment.

What’s new for the Mazda CX-5 in 2020

The new year often brings new features and upgrades. For the Mazda CX-5, consumers can expect improvements in noise reduction efforts, as well as a host of advanced safety extras, which are now standard. Mazda enthusiasts will continue to enjoy the precise handling, new turbocharged engine options, and quiet cabins at highway speeds.

Standard powertrain and configuration

You will have a several options and trim levels from which to choose. But, for starters, the base CX-5 comes equipped with an inline-four with 187 hp. The turbocharged-four is standard with each available trim level above the base model. On average, you’ll enjoy 24-30 mpg in fuel efficiency. It’s not the best Mazda has to offer, but as a baseline, it’s a great place to start for pep and gas mileage.

Standards in safety and driver assistance

The Mazda CX-5 earns a five-star safety rating with the NHTSA as well as a ‘Good’ rating from the IIHS. In addition to the safety-focused design, the crossover SUV also offers active safety tech for 2020, making it one of the safest in its class. Standard safety tech includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise, active lane control, and blind-spot monitoring. Forward collision warning systems and stability control are also standard. Optional extras include surround-view monitoring, heads-up display, and parking sensors.

Standards in child safety

For those consumers looking for the safety-based features ideal for families in children, the CX-5 is top-notch. You’ll have LATCH rear-seat anchors as well as upper tether anchors. All of which have been reviewed as easy to use and access. Rear door child safety locks are also standard, regardless of the trim level selected.

2019 Mazda CX-5
2019 Mazda CX-5 | Mazda

Sport level tech and infotainment standards

One notable negative, the Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity tech are not available on the Sport model. Bumping up to the CX-5 Touring will have both of these, along with upgraded audio, keyless ignition, and heated front seats. You will, however, have plenty of other standard tech, including a seven-inch touchscreen, Mazda Connect voice controls, and Bluetooth connectivity. Also standard for Sport are the USB ports and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

Plenty of trims from which to choose

You can find the perfect version of CX-5 with the hefty menu of trim levels and options. The base model Sport edition comes with the basics. You can upgrade to five other levels, including Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve, and Signature. Each level brings a robust menu of extras including upgraded audio, sunroof, heated seats, and added driver assistance features.

Standard pricing for Mazda CX-5

Depending on the variation and trim level you choose, there are, of course, associated costs with the enhancements selected. Grand Tourings with AWD ($31,610), for example, are a little more than FWD models ($30,210). Go all out with the Grand Touring Reserve AWD or Signature models, and you’ll pay around $35,035 to $37,055. The base model CX-5 starts from $25,090.

How you build-out your Mazda CX-5 will be entirely up to your lifestyle preferences and budget. Based on the expert and consumer reviews so far, this crossover SUV is fun to drive and offers comparable creature comforts. Understanding what comes standard hopefully is helpful to you in determining which version makes the most sense for your needs.