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Every car needs proper maintenance to keep it running. Toyota makes long-lasting vehicles, but the SUVs, trucks, and cars do require upkeep. Oil changes, scheduled maintenance based on mileage, and fluid changes are good to keep up on to ensure your car, truck, or SUV’s longevity.

Check out some of the options below to learn more about the price of maintenance for your Toyota.

Are oil changes free at Toyota?

Toyota offers a plan called ToyotaCare. ToyotaCare is a maintenance plan that comes with purchasing new cars for the first two years or 25,000 miles. This also includes roadside assistance for two years, no matter the mileage.

ToyotaCare is labeled as a no-cost plan that offers helpful maintenance reminders, oil and filter changes, tire rotations, genuine parts, and fluids. This also means a trained Toyota technician would be working on your car. There is a minimum of five required services at 5,000-mile intervals.

Roadside assistance offers battery jump-stars, lockouts, emergency fuel delivery, tire services, and towing. This is a helpful service offered to keep the cost of ownership down.

Most of the time, your local dealership will help you schedule an appointment and can even give you a loaner car.

How much does it cost for an oil change at a dealership?

Without ToyotaCare, the cost of an oil change at the dealership should not cost an arm and a leg. Based on the estimate provided by Kelley Blue Book, an oil change on a 2018 Camry L sedan with four-doors, the price is likely between $50 and $78.

For synthetic oil and an oil filter, it can be more toward $100. When checking with a local dealership, the price for the same car was $46.95. It depends if you need other services at the same time.

This is different from a full-service, though. A 25,000 scheduled maintenance service includes a multi-point inspection, tire rotation, and a brake inspection.

It also includes an air conditioning check and coolant flush. The price of the 25,000 service is an estimated $600. That goes down to around $200 for the 30,000-mile service.

How often does a Toyota need an oil change?

You should change the oil in your Toyota every 10,000 miles. The company suggests a visit after every 5,000 miles to top up the fluids and do a general check on the vehicle.

If you don’t reach 10,000 miles in 12 months, getting your car checked out at that point is a good idea. If you don’t drive your car all the time, you can often experience battery or other issues.

Dealerships should make it easy for you to get on your way. You can make an appointment online or give the local dealership a call. By scheduling service ahead of time, the dealership will be prepared for your visit. At the time of scheduling, you can also get a cost estimate at the same time.

Keeping your car maintained will ensure you can drive it for a long time. Long enough to pass it on to someone else, even!


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