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We spill a lot of ink writing about TRD, TRD Off-Road, Sport and Limited versions of the Toyota Tacoma They’re fun trucks with a lot of options and a lot of off-road capability. The SR and SR5 versions can get lost in the shuffle, but they’re great trucks for work, play, and saving money. They’re both also getting a few trim packages for 2023.

In the 1980s, SR5 was the top-level trim

1986 SR5 Toyota Truck
1986 Toyota SR5 Pickup | Bring a Trailer

In the 1980s, the SR5 was the top trim on many Toyotas. SR stood for Sport Rally, and SR5 was the Sport Rally Five Speed, when a truck with a five-speed manual gearbox was a luxury. But, that was when Toyota’s small truck was just called the Toyota Pickup. The Tacoma name didn’t come around until 1995. What is the SR package on a Tacoma? What’s the difference between SR and SR5?

What is the SR package on a Tacoma?

On the Tacoma the SR5 is the base trim, and it starts at $27,150. The SR is usually spotted by its lack of any decals. It comes with many features that would be unimaginable when that original Pickup came out, including a deck rail system, projector beam headlights, a V6, three USB ports and Toyota Safety Sense standard. Safety Sense is Toyota’s suite of driver’s aids. If you order the V6, you can also get dual-zone air conditioning, which is an option on the SR, and for the 2023 model year a seven-inch touchscreen.

What’s the difference between SR and SR5?

2023 SR5 Tacoma | Toyota

The SR5 takes an SR and simply adds more options and has a starting MSRP of $28,940. You can order it in an access can, or a double cab with a five-foot or six-foot long bed. It comes with either the 159-horsepower four cylinder or the 278-horsepower V6. But the SR5 comes standard with a leather-trimmed tilt steering wheel and Bluetooth, keyless entry, a limited slip differential, and several different appearance packages. The SR5 at one point was the “luxury” version of a Toyota pickup truck.

For 2023 Toyota added two new trims to the SR5, a new Chrome package and a new SR5 SX package. The Chrome Package has, well, more chrome. The SX adds some TRD-look accessories, such as the black fender flares.

We suppose Toyota never imagined there would be more than five speeds in a transmission when it named the original Sport Rally Five Speed : the SR and SR5 both have six-speed automatic transmissions today. The SR and SR5 can be ordered in a access cab with a six-foot bed, or a double cab with a five-foot bed. Either can also be had with four wheel drive in the four- or six-cylinder versions.

The TRD and Limited packages up the ante

Enjoy the size of this 2022 Toyota Tacoma because this midsize truck won't get any bigger
2022 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

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Toyota intends the SR as more of the work truck of its compact truck lineup. The SR5 is intended as the nicer version of the work truck, with enough niceties that you can commute with it and do some road trips and feel comfortable. The TRD versions add special off-road suspension setups, with the Sport and the Pro fitting different needs for hard-core off-roaders. The $39,905 Limited turns the truck into a luxury truck, but at its heart, it’s an SR with about $13,000 in options.