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At the end of the year, we are all publishing reviews of our favorite trucks. For 2022, MotorBiscuit picked the Ford Maverick as our Truck of the Year, and so did other experts. This year there were so many trucks for sale, in so many configurations and with so many different capabilities, it’s not a surprise that others picked different trucks. What trucks do the experts say are the best trucks of 2022?

MotorBiscuit picked the efficient, fun, Ford Maverick

Front angle view of orange 2023 Ford Maverick, which is cheaper that all other new pickup trucks
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick is not just a stupendous value, it’s also a surprisingly capable small truck, and that’s why it took top honors from MotorBiscuit this year. This truck isn’t built like the others, instead, it’s basically a Ford Bronco Sport with a bed, and that’s not at all a bad thing. That means it comes with an efficient hybrid engine, or punch turbocharged four-cylinder, and can be ordered in new off-road trims. But, it also holds 1,500 pounds in the bed, and tow up to 4,000 pounds.

U.S. News likes the Honda Ridgeline and three full-sized trucks

A dark-gray 2023 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck model driving over snow as the sun shines over a hill
2023 Honda Ridgeline | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

U.S. News says that the Honda Ridgeline is its pick for the best compact truck. While the Ridgeline may not tackle the roughest jobs as well as a Ford Super Duty, it certainly can do most of the things that we buy trucks for, like haul, tow and explore the occasional forest road.

While U.S. News was unequivocal in its love one compact truck, the opposite was true for its full-sized picks. For full-sized trucks, there’s a three-way tie between the Ford F-150, Ram 1500 and the Rivian R1T. The F-150 has maintained its best-selling status for decades because of its utility, and its ability to do it all from tackling off-road duty to donning a tux in the Platinum packages. The Ram 1500 was recognized for its roomy, and simply nice, interior. The Rivian R1T truck burst into the market in 2022 as a luxury EV truck that seems to show what the promise of electric truck can bring.

Car and Driver says the Ford Maverick is the top truck

Seats in 2023 Ford Maverick, the most affordable new pickup truck available
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Maverick ended the year with several accolades. Car and Driver says it picked the Maverick as its top truck because of its value and its range of engines and options.

Kelley Blue Book took a different tack

While it’s a bit long in the tooth, Kelley Blue book picked the aging Toyota Tacoma in Access Cab trim. KBB gears its picks towards those trucks that hold their value, it is a used-car price guide site, so it’s not a huge surprise that the Tacoma took top honors. It’s often cited as a popular truck that holds its value stupendously well. It’s also a comfortable, fun, truck that for many is just the right size. Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy winner, however, is the Ford Maverick.

For a full-sized truck, KBB picked the 2023 Ford F-150 in regular cab trim. Sure, this truck is a best seller, it’s also incredibly configurable with hybrid, electric, and several gas-engine options, as well as multiple trim levels. The regular cab, however, is an interesting choice for KBB, because it’s a three-seater two-door truck. However, these two-door trucks hold their value for those that take their trucks to work.

J.D. Power ranks Chevy and GMC on top

Luxury pickup trucks include this 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate
A 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate | GMC

J.D. Power says ranked the GMC Sierra 1500 and its Chevy twin, the Silverado 1500, as the No. 1 trucks for the year. Both scored an 85 on J.D. Power’s ranking. Overall, both trucks saw “great” reliability and quality scores, as well as high driving experience scores and resale scores.

The Hummer EV, like the Corvette 3LT, is often a target for dealership markup.
2022 GMC Hummer EV | General Motors

Many of us grew up reading about transistor radio kits or weird airplanes in Popular Mechanics, so it makes sense that the mag would pick a Best Electric Super Truck. It picked the new GMC Hummer EV because, well, who can deny that a 9,000 truck that can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds isn’t amazing?

Popular Mechanics also picked the Ford Maverick for Best Value and the Honda Ridgeline for Best On-Road Manners. Most don’t rate Best Rock Crawler, and while many would expect the Ford Raptor to get the nod, PM says its favorite is the new Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 trim, which uses magic MultiMatic shocks to stick to the dirt. For its Best Budget Off-Road Performance truck, it picked the Toyota Tacoma SR5 Trail trim, which can hang with a ZR2 through a lot of the tough stuff, but costs $39,620, or about $30,000 less than the ZR2.

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