What Did 6 Mysterious “Beast” Limos At Biden Inauguration Reveal?

The pandemic and recent insurrection at the Capitol precluded the normal inauguration pageantry. The traditional walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House would be like shooting fish in a barrel for any kook that could get close enough. Security this year was insane, with over 25,000 National Guard making their presence known. So instead, we got a massive motorcade that included six presidential “Beast” limousines for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris inauguration. Six!

Nobody knew there were six Beasts

Biden Inauguration Beast Limousine 2021 Parade | YouTube screen grab

Nobody knew there were six Beasts. With all of the secrecy around the presidential limos, no number has ever been revealed. But with three past Presidents and a new fourth along with the new Vice President and countless dignitaries and family the Secret Service was forced to spring them for all to see. Are there more?

Besides the beasts, there was also a fleet of armored Suburbans like nobody has ever seen. The sight of this armada of armored autos was insane. For car geeks, it is something we may never see again. If you have never seen the current and former Beasts together to see the changes and details here was your chance.

Beasts are really GM trucks underneath

Biden Inauguration Beast Limousine 2021 Parade | YouTube screen grab

The earlier Beasts built during the Obama administration were styled loosely around the then-current Cadillac STS sedans. But they’re really GM trucks underneath. The newer Beasts have loosely taken on a morph between a Cadillac CT6 sedan and Escalade. Each is handmade and contains a slew of protections and armor one would expect. You can read more about them here. 

About 8 minutes into this vid you can begin to see the Presidential limo armada | YouTube

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The later Beasts started popping up during the Trump administration between 2017 and 2018. They’re known as the Next Generation Parade Limousine for But you would normally see no more than one or two at any time, obscuring how many there were. We counted four of the newer Beasts in the Biden motorcade. You can spot them with the mesh grilles that are also wider than the previous Beasts. Usually, in a Presidential motorcade, there are two Beasts involved. One holds the President and the other is a decoy car. It also acts as a backup in case the President’s Beast poops out. 

There had to have been multiple federal agencies supplying the sheer amount of ‘Burbans

Biden Inauguration Beast Limousine 2021 Parade | YouTube screen grab

There had to have been multiple federal agencies involved in supplying the sheer amount of ‘Burbans. We have a screen grab from in front of the Capitol and it looks like hundreds of them are scattered around. There may not be that many but that is the impression one gets looking at the gang of black, shiny boxes. We even spotted a couple of the Ford F350 Super Duty Mobile Communication Vehicles. These have satellite communications and data-sharing links. They first popped up in 2018.

But there’s more. The HAZMAT team was also there with a truck equipped for such an incident. There was an ambulance, more police cars, and then vans with the traveling press pool taking up the rear. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime assemblage of official vehicle porn. Just another strange day in a year of strange days. 

Biden Inauguration Beast Limousine 2021 Parade | YouTube screen grab