What Channel Is Racing Wives On?

For lovers of NASCAR and drama, Racing Wives was made for you. The show follows the lives of Samantha Busch and Ashley Busch, wives of NASCAR drivers Kyle and Kurt Busch; Amber Balcaen, aspiring driver; Whitney Dillon, wife of driver Austin Dillon; and Mariel Swan, wife of crewmember Paul Swan.

Giving an inside look at the lives of NASCAR drivers and the roles their families play in that career choice, Racing Wives recently ended their first season. If you missed out on season one, here’s what unfolded while we wait to hear if the show will be picked up for season two.

Samantha Busch’s struggles with infertility

One of the show’s main storylines followed Samantha Busch and her journey through IVF. After a successful round of IVF in 2015, leading to the birth of their son Brexton, Samantha and Kyle tried again last fall, this time implanting a female embryo. The pair has always been very open about their struggles with infertility, so it came as no surprise that they included this in the show.

In the season finale, we learn that Samantha had suffered a miscarriage and the couple lost their second baby conceived through IVF. In the show, the family plants a tree in honor of their baby girl, and everyone reads letters they had written to her, including their son. It’s a heartwarming moment and an important story to include in a reality TV show, as it raises awareness for others experiences the same thing every day.

Whitney and Mariel

A pair that seems like soulmates more than best friends, Whitney and Mariel go through a lot of drama of their own. The two became best friends years ago when they met as cheerleaders for the Tennessee Titans. In the show, we see Whitney try to form new friendships with the other castmembers, something that Mariel struggles to do and becomes resentful that Whitney is putting so much effort into it, thinking that Whitney is leaving her behind. The two eventually reconcile and Whitney throws Mariel a beautiful bridal shower for her upcoming wedding.

Amber trying to make her way in the racing world

Throughout the season, we see Amber trying to make her way into the position of being Kyle Busch Motorsports’ first-ever female driver. Samantha, the organization’s manager, pushes for Amber in the beginning, but the two eventually grow to butt heads. In the end, Amber has a chance to prove herself on the race track, but an issue with her car leads her to crashing and we’re left wondering what will happen with her career.

Ashley and Samantha attempt to bring the Busch brothers closer

Kyle and Kurt Busch, brothers and NASCAR champions, have never been close to one another. Growing up several years apart and in the extremely competitive world of racing, the brothers just never connected on a close level. Throughout the first season of Racing Wives, we see Samantha and Ashley push the boundaries of the brothers’ relationship, stating that since the wives are good friends, then the brothers should be too. In the end, we see Kyle attend Kurt’s 40th birthday party, a big moment for their relationship.

What’s next for Racing Wives?

Since the show recently ended, we don’t know yet if there will be a season two. Airing on Friday nights on CMT, Racing Wives has already created quite the fan following online. There are a lot of loose ends that could be tied up with another season or two, so time will tell if fans will get to continue watching this crew of strong women.