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Car repairs can devastate your budget. It’s difficult for many of us to predict exactly which repairs our car will need in the upcoming year, how many repairs it will require before it operates properly, if it is a repair you can handle yourself, the cost of the work, and how extensive the repairs will be.

While working car repairs into the yearly budget isn’t easy, knowing which car companies consistently manufacturer expensive to repair vehicles helps you determine whether you should purchase a vehicle from that company or if you should look for a company that has a reputation for more affordable car repairs.

The car companies that are the most expensive to repair

Data collected by indicates that the car companies that will cost you the most in repairs and maintenance are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The average cost connected to keeping a BMW on the road for a decade is $17,800. If you have a Mercedes-Benz, you should expect to spend about $12,900 on repairs and maintenance during that same 10-year period.

Other car companies that produce expensive to repair cars include Cadillac, Volvo, Audi, Saturn, and Mercury. In comparison to the car companies that are the most expensive to repair, Scion and Toyota are the most affordable.

Why the repairs cost so much

One of the reasons it costs so much to repair and maintain BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles is because they’re imported. Since the vehicles are imported into the United States, the necessary parts also must be imported, and the cost of shipping quickly adds up.

Another factor is that both Mercedes-Benz and BMW are luxury cars. The attitude that many mechanics and auto repair parts manufacturers have is that if you can afford to purchase and insure a luxury car, you can also afford high-end parts and accessories. The fact that most of the repairs often have to be done by a specialized mechanic also drives up the cost.

Toyota produces vehicles that are designed to fit an assortment of budgets, which means that generic parts can be used rather than brand exclusive parts. The less complicated design allows you to drive your Toyota to your favorite corner mechanic rather than having to track down a specialist.

Tricks that help you lower the cost of vehicle repairs

There are some things you can do to lower the cost of repairing your vehicle. The first is making sure it’s properly maintained. The cost of oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes, and other routine work is considerably less than what you’ll spend on repairs connected to a lack of maintenance. Properly maintaining your vehicle often puts you in a position where you can delay some repairs until a mechanic is offering a special deal.

Another thing you can do to keep the cost of your car down is selling it before it reaches 100,000 miles. While today’s cars are designed to run smoothly long after the odometer reads 100,000 miles it’s generally at this point when the vehicle needs some costly routine repairs.

If you’re mechanically minded, learning how to handle some routine maintenance and repair work on your own significantly reduces the cost of operating your vehicle.

How much should you spend on car repairs

Knowing which car companies are the most expensive to repair is a huge factor in deciding which vehicle you can afford to purchase. Financial experts advise only dedicating about 10% of your annual income to your vehicle. They suggest spending 5% of your income on the actual purchase price of the vehicle and 5% on insurance and repairs.