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In about a year, we should start seeing new 2024 Toyota Camrys showing up at Toyota dealerships. Toyota’s designers have a lot on their plates, as they’re working on the new Tacoma and 4Runner and the new Camry. But, in 2024 for the 2025 model year, an all-new 2025 Camry redesign will hit the streets.

We don’t know a lot about the new Camry, but Toyota needs to get it right. The car is the company’s best-seller, so we don’t expect Toyota to change it up too drastically. But we can expect more daring styling, probably a plug-in hybrid variant, and even more cameras in the front end of the redesigned camry.

What engines can we expect in a redesigned Toyota Camry?

Though Camry buyers don’t always care too much about what’s under the hood, it’s critical that any Camry come with a fuel-efficient, if not even slightly exciting, engine. Today’s Camry comes with a 203-horsepower 2,5-liter four cylinder. Cleverly, it gets a quick-shifting 8-speed automatic that can keep the engine in the sweet spot longer. You can also order it with all-wheel drive. On the 2023 Camry Hybird, you get a similar engine with a hybrid booster that nets 208 horsepower.

Since the Camry shares its engine with the RAV4 SUV, we’d expect that motor to continue on in the Camry. But, even the RAV4 is starting to show its age. That means that it will probably retain the RAV4’s hybrid drivetrain, too. But, that also means that we could possibly get a Camry Prime, based on the mechanicals of the RAV4 Prime. The RAV4 Prime is plug-in hybrid that makes more than 300 horsepower, yet still achieves stellar MPG figures.

What can we expect from the 2025 Camry’s styling?

Toyota has been taking chances with its cars as of late. The new Supra GR certainly pushes boundaries, so does the new Prius. Could some of those styling cues make it to the redesign of the 2025 Camry? We’re expecting Toyota to launch a Camry Hybrid, too, which will likely come with one cool feature” Toyota hides the exhaust pipes of its hybrid models underneath the bumpers.

Toyota also leaned into he hatchback trend this year with the new Corolla Hatchback, the Prius, and even somewhat the 2023 Toyota Crown.  We would expect the new Camry would feature a hatchback option. But, we might skip the funky spoilers of the GR Corolla or the Supra.  Though the current Camry’s batwings on the front grille seemed controversial in 2017, the car has aged well and unlike many other cars from the era, still looks fresh.

As Toyota adds more cameras to its Safety Sense software, however, we can definitely expect to see more clear plastic on the front of the car to hide those cameras. The new car’s dimensions won’t change as MotorTrend reports it will use the current car’s TNGA platform.

What kind of technology can we expect in a 2024 Camry redesign?

Front angle view of 2023 Toyota Camry midsize sedan, showing most common problems, how reliable it is, and repair costs
2023 Toyota Camry | Toyota

Toyota has made great strides with its Safety Sense 3.0 system. Last year, cars with the option got the new 3.0 upgrade, which added larger cameras and radar that can scan further down the road. The system provides pre-collision detection, lane departure systems, dynamic radar cruise control and more.

Road Sign Assist uses cameras in the right front fender to read speed limit signs. Those cameras, and their increasing size and complexity, are probably one of the reasons behind the rush to redesign the Camry in 2024 for the 2025 model year.


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