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Ford knows how to make a dependable truck, and the Ranger nameplate has a long history of reliability. To find out what breaks on the Ford Ranger the most, check out some of the most common problems reported by owners below. There are also resources on YouTube to help fix some common issues to keep your pickup truck running at its best.

What breaks on the Ford Ranger the most?

Looking at the CarComplaints page for the Ford Ranger, the 2019 Ranger has many comments about sensors failing prematurely. One of the most significant problems is that the sensors seem to fail, creating a domino effect of other problems. Multiple drivers noted that the sensors went out on one system or another and cost quite a bit to replace.

This can sense the vehicle into limp mode or throw a check engine light, further impacting how the Ford Ranger drives. While some Ranger owners saw the “Parking Aid” sensors fail, that wasn’t as common as a bad O2 sensor. Many drivers complained that this sensor was one of the more common things that breaks on the Ford Ranger.

This can lead to bad fuel economy or acceleration, engine misfires, and even stalling while in gear. If the engine is misfiring or shifting hard, it can be jerky and hard to drive. The problem with this is that it can be hard to determine why the ending is acting strange, which can sometimes be a costly fix, even if the eventual solution is easy.

What is the most common problems with Ford Rangers?

Braking is a part of driving, but the brakes are an issue with the Ford Ranger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has more than a dozen complaints about the brakes alone. Some drivers on the NHTSA page say the brakes prematurely and unevenly wear, which can lead to untimely and expensive repairs. One driver says the wheel speed sensor on the rear axle frequently breaks on the Ford Ranger. This can cause the sensor to malfunction and impact the antilock brakes, traction control, and power steering.

In recent years, the Ford Ranger seems to be more impacted by these brake issues than other trucks. For such a modern vehicle, the brakes should be in good shape for longer than some drivers see. Some Ranger owners have noted that the brakes do not stop in some situations, even when the pedal is pressed to the floor.

If you have the Ford Ranger and have noticed an issue while braking, this seems to be a common problem. Taking it into the dealership for assessment and documentation might be a good course of action.

Don’t overlook the random check engine light

Find out what breaks the most on the Ford Ranger seen here
A Ford Ranger truck | David McNew/Newsmakers

Some third-generation Ford Ranger pickup trucks had an issue with the cylinder heads. 1A Auto says that the cylinder heads could be the issue if your engine misfires, runs rough, or throws a check engine light. If the wires look good, the fuel seems to be OK, and A compression test might be a good step to see if the cylinders are running as required. If these need replacing, it can be upwards of $3,000. Not the best news to get.

Things break on every vehicle, especially as the miles creep up. Finding a high-quality repair shop is recommended and probably a good idea for higher mileage vehicles. Beyond that, following the maintenance recommendations outlined in the owner’s manual should keep your Ford Ranger running at its best.


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