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Ever notice that we take windshield wipers for granted until they stop working? It isn’t until they stop working and it’s raining that we realize how important they are for safety. Worn wipers can cause poor visibility in bad weather conditions.

That’s why it’s important to have a spare set of windshield wipers on hand. They’re affordable and easier than ever to buy at either your local auto parts store or online.

We’ve even listed the five best windshield wipers available, according to AutoGuide, for you to make shopping for your next pair quick and easy.

1. Bosch ICON

The Bosch ICON more than earns its place at the top of the list. These blades are so good they’re also used as OEM for luxury vehicles like Audi, BMW and more.

ICON is a beam-style wiper blade designed for all weather conditions. Its bracketless design uses tension springs which help maintain its flexibility. Its curvy design makes it an ideal winter solution because they aren’t prone to ice and snow accumulation.

ICON is a 26-inch blade composed of a special FX double rubber that’s resistant to ozone deterioration and heat. Bosch maintains that ICON has a 40% longer life expectancy than other top-rated blades. That’s important because you have outdoor conditions affecting your blades just as much as constant usage.

Plus, the rubber used doesn’t absorb liquids. Its outer shell resists wear while protecting its flexibility. The asymmetrical spoiler design offers a quiet wiping motion. They are very easy to install.

Pros: Longevity, quiet wiping, good in all weather conditions

Cons: Expensive, doesn’t fit all cars, can leave streaks in winter conditions

2. ANCO 31-Series

The ANCO 31-Series is the best windshield wiper blades you can get at an affordable price. More conventional than ICON, these blades use “DuraKlear,” a unique rubber compound that enables a consistent, streak-free performance during inclement weather. If you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of rain and snow, these might a good choice for you.

They are available in sizes from 10 to 28 inches so they’ll work on most vehicles. They’re easy to install and replace, using a “KwikConnect” install setup. Their aerodynamic design works great at high speeds with no streaks.

The company recommends replacing them every six months. It’s also recommended that you clean them to prevent buildup whenever you clean the windshield.

Pros: Budget-friendly, recommended for moderate weather, available in different sizes

Cons: Not the best blades for heavy snow and ice, shorter life span, made almost entirely of plastic

3. Aero Premium All-Season Wipers

Like the ICON, these are beam-style wiper blades that make a great replacement choice for those with newer vehicles. Aero Premium is similar in quality and durability to the bigger brand name products. They cost a lot less and you can use them year-round.

Using a common J-hook fitment, Aero Premium can fit most vehicles. They are available in sizes from 13 to 28 inches so the size your vehicle uses before you buy. They are very easy to install.

Aero Premium’s design and composition make them a better choice than standard wipers. Their design reduces noise and drag and keeps them from getting stuck on the windshield in ice and snow.

These blades do a solid job in ice, rain, and snow and the company claims they will last up to a million wipes. They don’t have the same lifespan as a top-shelf product like ICON. But in moderate weather, you’re likely to get at least one year’s use out of them. They also come with a 6-month warranty.

Pros: Affordable, good in all weather conditions, 6-month warranty

Cons:  OE replacement, only fits new vehicles, lifespan not that long

4. Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blade

The Michelin Stealth Hybrid earned its place on this list. These blades perform well in all weather conditions thanks to an aerodynamic blade and sleek design. With its smart flex technology, it fits itself to your windshield for great performance even in the worst weather conditions. They keep dirt, ice, and snow out so there’s no clogging and nothing to impair your visibility.

It’s not the quietest blade on the market but it’s pretty quiet. It’s pretty durable too thanks to its tough outer layer. When it comes to installation, it’s effortless thanks to the EZ Lok connector system. There are different sizes from 16 to 28 inches this increases the chances that it will fit your car.

The Michelin Stealth Hybrid is reliable in all weather conditions and is especially good in handling snow. They are also great wipers for off-roading, warm climates with lots of dirt and mud.

Pros: Easy installation, great in all weather condition, prevents clogging

Cons: Rubber cover flimsy

5. Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin

And that brings us back to Bosch. If you can’t afford to get the top-shelf ICON wipers or they won’t work for your car, you might give the AeroTwin a try. They’re packaged in pairs, so double check your size requirements. The beam-style blades offer good windshield contact thanks to the asymmetrical wind spoiler.

The AeroTwins have pre-mounted adapters that are specific to your vehicle to make installation simple. AeroTwin blades offer good performance and a great price. They have no special design for handling winter weather. If you live in an area where rain is the worst you’ll be dealing with, they are ideal.

Pros: Sold in pairs, pre-mounted installation adapters

Cons: Not a winter weather choice